Mississippi Sets The Stage

My state of Mississippi has the distinction of many things…..we lead the nation on child poverty, one of the most unhealthy of states, most littered state,….on and on…..

Now Mississippi trying to be known as the state that brought down Roe v Wade…..

The Mississippi attorney general on Thursday asked the US Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, a challenge to the 1973 law that’s been expected since May, when the high court agreed to hear a case involving a Mississippi law banning most abortions after 15 weeks. Lower courts blocked the law, known as the Gestational Age Act, and the state is appealing, NBC News reports. Attorney General Lynn Fitch said the Roe v. Wade ruling, as well as the other major ruling legalizing abortion in the US, 1992’s Planned Parenthood v. Casey, were “egregiously wrong.” She said there is an “overwhelming” case to be made for overruling them, CNN reports.

“The conclusion that abortion is a constitutional right has no basis in text, structure, history, or tradition,” Fitch said in a new brief to the justices. The request is notable, because when Mississippi asked SCOTUS to hear the case, it said doing so did not “require the court to overturn either Roe or Casey.” Politico says this brief “raises the stakes,” but notes that court watchers tend to think the justices are more likely to stop short of overruling Roe, while continuing to allow states to place an increasing number of restrictions on abortions. Axios points out the possibility that President Biden will protect abortion rights via an executive action if Roe is overturned. Oral arguments are expected in late fall or early winter, with a decision possible by June.

With a conservative ideologues on the Court this could well be the death throes of Roe v Wade….

And Mississippi will be the final nail in the coffin of reproductive rights.

I am so proud….(that is sarcasm in case you missed it)


I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


27 thoughts on “Mississippi Sets The Stage

      1. I think government meddling in the decision to get vaccinated is absolutely necessary before the unvaccinated fools kill us all. Leqt the harlots continue to kill their unwanted brats .. but make the unvaccinated either get the shot or get segregated from the rest of us …

      2. I agree…my point was that when it comes to the population as a whole….laws need to be in place. chuq

      3. As the Supreme Court travels on its adventure into replacing the Executive Branch of Government, “Laws” won’t matter much anymore because the SCOTUS will have the relative position of a Kingship and the Constitution will become a meaningless relic ….

    1. Very easy to say that.
      But like many thing in live this is more complicated than you assume.

      Prevention, proper sex-ed, less stigmatisation and more understanding and compassion.

      1. I’m Dutch, so English is a second language to me. I know I make mistakes in grammar and spelling.
        Sometimes I might miss a point.

        Having said that, your comments on the subject were rude and not called for.

        The impression I got was that you place yourself above others and as a judge place judgement.

        Your comment to me was uncalled for.

  1. Strange, how those people comprehend this.

    First they don’t want sex-ed at school, not at home, outside the home, it’s made difficult.

    Than prescription drugs, like the pill is made difficult and often has a stigma of being promiscuous.

    Is it strange that unwanted pregnancies are relatively high in the US.

    For some abortion is an option, but even that is made difficult.
    No woman will decide this lighthearted.

    They even prevent abortion later in pregnancy.
    At first I didn’t understand why a woman would decide for it late in pregnancy.

    I did some research.
    There’re specific circumstances that no other option is available.
    And those reasons are very serious.

    Those lawmakers are hypocrites.
    Selfrightious, cruel, ignorant!
    This type of stupidity should be punishable.


    1. The problem with the abortion question is that there are way too many libidinally-over-indulgent women who use the abortion process as a prophylactic …. in order to be free to indulge their appetites. And they get away with this “Murder For Convenience.” with no consequences at law at all. That is my only objection to abortion.

      1. It is a woman’s decision not some old white guys that could actually care less…..fits their lame ass rhetoric chuq

      2. It is the decision of the irresponsible but of course, I do not give a darn what women do to themselves ..it is still murder and should carry the death penalty as far as I am concerned… unless it is done to save some woman’s life .. and then the whole picture changes and the abortion becomes a reasonable solution. But this argument will never be won and will always be a point of contention ..so why waste further time on it?

      3. So is turning a blind eye to children starving to death…but they do not matter since they are already out of the womb…chuq

      4. So it doesn’t really matter then — kill them by abortion or starve them to death .. either way the idea is to get rid of the unwanted children .. is that right?

      5. Sounds about right for a repube policy…..but abortion gets votes and that is what it is all about….not the mother or the child. chuq

      6. Than why is sex-ed, availability of contraceptives such an issue.

        It prevents pregnancies, ergo less abortions.

        Still very derogatory remarks against woman.

        It takes two to tango, a man and a woman.
        No mention about the responsabilities men do have?

        Like many things in the U S prevention is not your strongest point.
        Closing your eyes and waiting for the disaster that inevitably has ro come is no solution.

        If we would act that way watermanagment, the Netherlands would be North-Sea by now.

      7. Sex education does nothing to prevent the misadventures of those inclined to harlotry. And yes, men who are responsible for abortions should pay a price.

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