From The ‘Can’t Fix Stupid’ Files

Closing thought–13Jul21

Some politician and people truly prove the saying that you ‘can’t fix stupid’…..and most times the stupider of the bunch are GOPers….like the moronic Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA)……

His moron brain shot off his mouth about ‘roads and bridges’ (you know parts of the infrastructure…..

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) on Sunday insisted that infrastructure like roads and bridges is a “women’s problem” because they do the “shopping.”

Cassidy made the remarks on NBC’s Meet the Press, where he was arguing on behalf of a bipartisan infrastructure bill.

“If you go home and talk to constituents who are stuck in traffic for an hour and a half getting to work and an hour and a half getting home — three hours a day that they don’t spend with their family — they want a bridge coming to a town near them,” Cassidy explained.

“My wife says that roads and bridges are a woman’s problem if you will,” the senator added. “Because oftentimes it is the woman — aside from commuting to work — who’s also taking children to schools or doing the shopping. And the more time that she spends on that road, the less time she spends doing things of higher value.”


A ‘woman’s problem’?

This guy is a bigger moron than the other senator from Louisiana……I guess he is an old style Repub…..a woman’s place is in the kitchen a pregnant…..

See what I mean….MORON?

But do not blame him for his stupidity….blame the voter that sends this type of moron to DC to govern.

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I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

5 thoughts on “From The ‘Can’t Fix Stupid’ Files

  1. Now that is someone firmly stuck in the past. But no doubt the voters will forget such stupid comments come next election.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. The Rambam Civil War witnessed a major degradation of g’lut Jewry across Europe and the Middle East and Northern Africa. Talmudic scholarship almost ceased to exist thereafter. Jewish scholarship tended to debate more with their peers, (think bilbulism), they limited Talmudic research to a טיפש פשט bird brain stupidity. No attempt, to my knowledge of learning Midrash with an eye to interpret the mussar k’vanna of halacha.

      Why did the Rambam name his code of law, “Mishna Torah”? Answer: The chiddush of Rabbi Yechuda’s Mishna, in the Rambam’s opinion, Mishnaic Hebrew. This silly man thought to translate and organize halachot into halachic subject matters. It never occurred to him that the Sages of the Gemara, through a style of “difficulty/answer”, employed halachic sources gathered from all Primary Source authorities, as the chief and primary means whereby they sought to define the k’vanna of a given Mishna. Almost immediately after Rambam’s false assumption that translating the halacha of the Gemara into Mishnaic like Hebrew, his code effectively moved the goal posts and radically changed the game.

      The Amoraim employed precisely selected halachot as their chief tool wherein they sought to define the multiple and various religious ritual forms of the k’vanna of a particular Mishna. The Rambam ‘Mishnaic Hebrew’ halachic code, views each and every halachic posok as something significant in and of itself – independent from any Mishna. This abysmal code of law, not only divorced halacha from aggadita, it not only had absolutely no awareness of פרדס Torah Sh’baal Peh, but it totally abandoned the Primary/secondary relationship which the Mishna shares with the Gemara.

      The Rambam learn no Big Picture vision from the Talmud; the obligation to rule the oath sworn lands through tohor righteous justice by means of lateral Sanhedrin Common Law Courtrooms. As the dinning room table, the Talmud learns from the altar, so too and how much more so the 3 man Torts Courts learn from the lateral Sanhedrin Common Law Courtrooms! When the Rambam argued that g’lut had deprived scholars and laymen alike of the ability to understand and assimilate the vast talmudic literature and the essential rulings of the geonim – he directly referred to himself as the first and primary example of the consequences of concealing the פרדס kabbala which defines Torah Sh’baal Peh according to Rabbi Akiva.

      As previously mentioned the kabbala of Rabbi Akiva fits hand in glove with the kabbala of over 247 prophets who wrote the Shemone Esri. The Rambam did not have a clue, not on this or that kabbala. Jewish scholarship on the Siddur today, utterly pathetic. What Rambam’s code did to “Mishnaic Hebrew” in matters of Aramaic Halacha, the Zohor and Ari and mystic kabbalists (they too redefined the meaning of kabbala), they likewise prized writing ideas using a cryptic language which concealed the meaning of what they wrote. This cryptic style of writing defines the mysticism of the Middle Ages; it communicates visions of hope through religious rhetoric. Rhetoric originates to Greek scholarship NOT Tannaim and Amoraim scholarship. Assimilation = the first face of avoda zara.

      An early example of g’lut Jewry and our eternal struggle not to assimilate to Goyim cultures and customs – the late T’NaCH works which give Names unto Angels. The early NaCH sources of שופטים, שמואל, ומלכים these sources report the power of assimilation which inspired the worship of foreign gods. The avoda zara of monotheism, like as expressed in Mohammad’s Unitarianism, argues that all people worship the same God…preached at the point of a sword. Jewish leaders failed to grasp that only by inspiring the Cohen nation to accept our Cohen oath sworn brit with HaShem – separate from all other Gods, as happened in the days when Moshe confronted Par’o, and Yehoshua after the brit of Gilgal, conquered Canaan. This model alone has the blessing to bring Israel out of g’lut. Brow beaten and cowed g’lut Jewry lacked this most essential fighting spirit.

      A fundamental rule instructed to my daughter at the earliest of ages: who ever makes the rules, wins all arguments. Western propaganda harps through all their organs of communications – about the Arab/Israeli conflict and that failure to resolve this “war” threatens world peace and might even trigger WWIII. Stateless Arab refugee populations could never trigger a world war. That the press emphatically declares otherwise, exposes a hidden agenda by imperialist state Capitals in Europe and the US and Asia. Nation state foreign policy stands upon the foundation of deception, deception, and deception. One of the chief tools wherein these imperialist empires promote foreign intervention (think invasion) of foreign countries – Civil War. The post war invasion of Korea and Vietnam as well as the Iran/Iraq war serve as obvious examples of Western/Eastern imperialism.

      Left wing, and right wing, assimilated Jewry, they experience an anxiety attack when they believe West/East imperialist propaganda rhetoric. All day the noise papers scream about Palestine. Never once does anyone challenge this squak emotional gibberish jabber, by pointing out the obvious: never in the history of mankind has any Independent nation of Palestine – ever existed. All this press copy about Palestine, could just as well promote an emotional hissy fit concerning the lost city of Atlantis – that it will cause a world war!

      This super-commentary on the Rif halachic commentary to the Talmud learns from the Rambam Civil War, caused by a simple codification of halacha that totally screwed up Jewish minds thereafter – to this very day! None of the many commentaries to the Rambam’s code, not a single one, ever attempts to learn a halacha as a precedent by which to understand the ritual k’vanna of a given Mishna. The same holds true with the Tur and the Shulchan Aruch halachic commentaries. Now contrast the B’hag, Rif, and Rosh halachic commentaries which incorporate the language of the Mishna!! The Amoraim scholars, by sharp contrast to the Rambam narishkeit, they never understood halacha separate and independent from a defined and specific Mishna. The Tosefta bases its order upon the Order established by the Mishna. The Rambam code of avoda zara caused Israel to abandon the path which Rav Ashi and Rav Ravina sealed – in the Talmud.

      As Reshon commentaries to the Chumash and Talmud have no legs, so too, all the halachot learned from the Talmud – they too have no legs. All halachot learned from the Sha’s Yerushalmi and Bavli stand upon the legs of a specific Mishna. That Mishna, in its turn stands upon a specific ברכה within the Shemone Esri kabbala, as learned through the study of Aggadita and Midrashim. Hence the Shemone Esri goes by the name Amida. Only through linking halachot to a Mishna, and that Mishna to a specific blessing within the language of the Shemone Esri, can any Cohen brit person stand before HaShem in tefilla. Herein defines the correct way to study, and properly understand – the language of the Talmud.

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