That “Iron Dome”

Opening—I apologize for the late responses to comments from yesterday but my granddaughter was graduating high school and the day was about her.

Again I apologize.

WE all have an opinion about the recent conflict in Gaza…we know that Hamas fired a multitude of rockets into Israel and we are told the their defense system, the Iron Dome, destroyed about 80% of those rockets.

The Iron Dome?

It is a mobile all-weather air defense system[8] developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries.[7] The system is designed to intercept and destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells fired from distances of 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) to 70 kilometres (43 mi) away and whose trajectory would take them to an Israeli populated area.

Manufacturer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries
Unit cost

$50 million per battery $40,000 per missile

The reason I gave you that boring background on the Iron Dome is because Biden has promised to send cash to replenish the rockets used…..

Under the current military assistance agreement with Israel, Washington will provide Israel with $38 billion in aid from the 2019 fiscal year to the 2029 fiscal year. Of that $38 billion, $5 billion is allocated for missile defense systems, including the Iron Dome.

Biden Promises to ‘Replenish’ Israel’s Iron Dome After Gaza Ceasefire Reached


After all the cash that flies into Israel from Washington and a system that they make and the taxpayer must pay them for using their own system…..why?

They already get about $3+ billion in aid and yet we still have to pay for their wars of destruction…..again…..why?

The US will replenish the missiles used in the latest conflict…..more waste of taxpayer money….time for this waste to end.

Here is an idea….since the threat of Iron Dome does not deter conflict…..why not give both sides the same weapons after a holding ceasefire….kinda of like the idea of “Mutual Assured Destruction”.

MAD was/is a holdover from the Cold War and was meant to mean nukes…..but it could be expanded….

For those scratching their heads….

Mutually Assured Destruction, or mutually assured deterrence (MAD), is a military theory that was developed to deter the use of nuclear weapons. The theory is based on the fact that nuclear weaponry is so devastating that no government wants to use them. Neither side will attack the other with their nuclear weapons because both sides are guaranteed to be totally destroyed in the conflict. No one will go to all-out nuclear war because no side can win and no side can survive.

To many, mutually assured destruction helped prevent the Cold War from turning hot; to others, it is the most ludicrous theory humanity ever put into full-scale practice. The name and acronym of MAD come from physicist and polymath John von Neumann, a key member of the Atomic Energy Commission and a man who helped the US develop nuclear devices. A game theorist, von Neumann is credited with developing the equilibrium strategy and named it as he saw fit.

Why not?

I mean all other attempts to bring a cessation of hostilities in the Middle East have been dismal failures….why not try another approach?

Just A Thought.

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17 thoughts on “That “Iron Dome”

  1. A better idea would be for responsible nations with the military capability to get their heads and their resources together and go in and obliterate both sides of the conflict. No more problems.

      1. Labels mean nothing to me. If a field is unprofitable then cut down the wheat along with the chaff and re-till the land.

      2. John when I click on my bookmark for your site I get this prompt…..

        Oops! That page can’t be found.

        It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try a search?

        Is there a problem or is it on my end? chuq

  2. Congratulations to you granddaughter! I hope you had a great celebrations. It was still nice when people only had wooden clubs available. I’m very angry now, but I would also gamble if someone kept refilling my bank account. Best wishes, Michael

  3. Quote/UnQuote: “After all the cash that flies into Israel from Washington and a system that they make and the taxpayer must pay them for using their own system…..why?”

    In Saner Thought asks a very good question. The French asked this identical question just prior to the June 1967 Six Day War. Prior to Charles de Gaulle concluding that France’s interests in the Middle East lay closer with Arab countries, both France and Britain made a military alliance with Israel that culminated in the 1956 War. Israel did its part of the alliance and conquered the Sinai. But Britain and France crumbled under the combined pressure of a united US and USSR front that demanded that Egypt rule the Suez Canal. Since that time, both Britain and France influence in the Middle East witnessed a dramatic reduction of power and influence.

    Frankly the US foreign policy of building Universities and hospitals and building trade that prevailed in the Middle East prior to WW2 has great appeal. The US has, according to Ron Paul, who chaired the committee on Foreign Affairs, said the US has military bases, which includes Israel, in over 155 countries. The large number of US military bases stationed in foreign countries came as a direct consequence of the Marshal Plan. That Truman era direction of US foreign policy has dominated every Federal Government in Washington to this day. Under Truman’s guidance he established the 2 legs of US foreign policy: (1) The Marshal Plan and (2) the Containment policy, currently continued in the 2 State Solution policy stance.

    During the Presidential campaign which pitted John Adams against Thomas Jefferson, the latter argued the Constitutional illegality of giving foreign aid outside of the United States. Adams favored the use of foreign aid. But Jefferson won that election. Post WW2 the US foreign policy follows the strategic thinking of Adams rather than that of Jefferson. Jeffersonian democracy has a great appeal to me personally. Whereas it seems reasonable to me to assume that lobotero favors the Adam’s policy of giving foreign aid to peddle US influence abroad.

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