Address Military Redundancy

These days of an ever expanding Defense budget and no plan to try and rein in the out of control spending….I had a thought…..

I have often asked myself the question about the amount of redundancy within the US military.

3 service Air Force, 4 separate special ops, on and on…….

Take armor for instance….the Army has its force and the Marines have theirs…..why?

Why not have one Air Force, 1 special ops, one armor?

Well the Marines have decided to end their armor program…..

Marine Corps M1A1 Abrams tanks of the 2nd Tank Battalion left Camp Lejeune, N.C., for the last time this week as part of the service’s sweeping modernization plan that envisions a more agile force.

Tank units on the East and West coasts shuttered this month and began hauling their armor to military depots, the service said.

The Marine Corps will eventually divest of all three of its active tank battalions as it moves from a “second land army” back to its maritime roots of defending ships at sea, island-hopping and battling for contested coastlines, in preparation for potential conflict with near-peer adversaries such as China.

“We have sufficient evidence to conclude that this capability, despite its long and honorable history in the wars of the past, is operationally unsuitable for our highest-priority challenges in the future,” Commandant Gen. David Berger wrote of the tanks in a March plan for the service’s overhaul. “Heavy ground armor capability will continue to be provided by the U.S. Army.”

I believe this is a good idea that needs to expand to a re-evaluation of the military and determine where money can be saved and end the redundancies.

Of course the M-IC will start to panic at the prospect of the loss of profit……but sorry this country needs an upgrade far more pressing than some fighter jet that cost too damn much to be useful.  (F-35)…..a little consolidation could solve so many fiscal problems……sadly this is a dream that will never be realized…too many chiefs want to keep their position of power and the country can be damned.

It is the 21st century and time for the US to stop believing that the next war will be a repeat of World War Two in tactics.

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6 thoughts on “Address Military Redundancy

  1. Each of the special Operations components have distinct specialties, and while one could theoretically house them all under one banner [which is really what we do with JSOC and USSOCOM], those specialty trades and support would still have to be derived from the various service components.

    There’s TON of smaller, targeted redundancies that could be eliminated [as happened with the consolidation of Army Basic Training centers and the One Station Unit Training program, as but one example]….but it’s not easy to streamline large aspects of the military without sacrificing readiness and effectiveness in second and third order effects.

    1. Special Ops could do like the old SOG….there were three ops…land, air and water studies……the specialties can be preserved…I think it could be done without any sacrifice other than someone’s loss of control…..chuq

      1. You may be correct…..I just think that put them all as one unit would cease some of the problems that the JSOC is having…..and do we really need 3 different “air force”? chuq

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