Biden Is In!

Sadly it looks like the nation will have two candidates in November…..Joe Biden and Donald Trump…..and the nation should weep.

When will the Dems learn that the country does not want a centrist Dem?

The Democrats lost about 1,000 seats in state legislatures over the course of the Obama years. In 2016, they lost the presidency to a cartoonishly racist and widely despised reality television personality. Something hasn’t been working for the brand. This appears lost on the sector of the party that hopes to woo voters in 2020 with the same old centrist agenda. This time, it’s dressed up in the down-home package of Joe Biden— “Middle-Class Joe,” as he calls himself.

At The Democratic Strategist (a website managed by Ed Kilgore, former vice president for policy at the corporate-oriented Democratic Leadership Council), a post argues that Biden’s March visit to Pennsylvania, in which he stumped for House Democratic candidate Conor Lamb, “amped up the buzz for Biden’s possible 2020 campaign, and provided Democrats with an eloquent, heartfelt rhetorical template for appealing to white working–class voters.”

Now all you voters think back to 2016…..and just how Trump got the election called in his favor…..

As the Democratic Party’s “moderate” (or shall we say “establishment”) wing coalesces around Joe Biden to stop Bernie, the primary contest is starting to look a lot like 2016, when the same wing rallied around Hillary Clinton. 

Today, Mike Bloomberg quit the race and endorsed Biden—as has Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg. As the New York Times’ David Leonhardt put it, “if you’re a Democrat who doesn’t want Bernie Sanders to be the party’s nominee, your choice is now clear: you should vote for Joe Biden.”

But suppose you’re a Democrat who doesn’t want Donald Trump to have a second term? Suppose you’re a Democrat who suspects that Trump got elected in the first place because he exploited a deep sense of betrayal felt by tens of millions of Americans whose wages haven’t budged in 40 years and who know the system is rigged for the benefit of those at the top? Do you really vote for Joe Biden?

Oh God!  We have 4 years of NOTHING changing…..either we keep the fool on the hill or we elect a bigger fool from downtown Wall Street.

And in a series to follow I will explain my thinking on Biden.

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16 thoughts on “Biden Is In!

  1. In general the US has had enough if the past four year “revolution “. We are for the most part , excluding the sheeples and the misguided who think Sanders can provide them with free HC and education ( something that will not be passed by Congress) a nation of centrists. We want a coll header intelligent leadership. We’ve really had enough of radical from both sides. Have a good day and be well.

      1. Not at all….but his progressives policies were dumped in favor of centrists ones…that is why the insurance industry and Big Pharma helped write the ACA. chuq

      2. Has anyone come up with a better plan yet? We need to work on the ACA, it’s far from acceptable as is. But, for all of the folks out there yelling Universal healthcare you’re wasting your breath. It’s not happening in the US. Sanders could hardly get a bill passed with the exception of Veteran issues. Perhaps when all we centrists die off the millennials can give it a go, it will be interesting to see what life is like in Havana.

      3. There will never be a better plan as long as the industry dictates what it will cover……of course we are wasting our breath for close minds will not hear or see…..oh the socialism thing again…..chuq

  2. At this point I am not ready for another 4 years of Trump and Biden scares me because he once pledged to cut every ounce of the social safety net.

  3. If Biden beats Trump, it will be an unexpected ‘miracle’ on the scale of Trump beating Clinton.
    I suppose we have more to worry about at the moment, but it does look like you will get 4 more years of Donald.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. Hmm…Well Chuq I am a moderate–yes, I would go further and call myself a Blue Dog Democrat. I am socially conservative and fiscally moderate and there have been Progressive Democrats who have tried to push folks like me out of the party and into the Republican camp, but I refuse to go. My principals and conscience will not allow me to go there, so, like it or not I–and others like myself–are here to stay and we will enthusiastically coalesce around Joe Biden. As for myself, I will do the same around Bernie Sanders should he pull a miracle out of his hat.

  5. It shows how broken our system is when we are forced to choose between Orange Nazi and Diet No Caffeine Nazi Lite

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