Battles That Changed History

I am a student of war or conflict if you like and I am always looking at the consequences and the results of conflicts throughout history……I ran across an article about the 5 most influential battles in history…..

We take certain things in history for granted: Western civilization’s ancient Greek origins, Rome’s stunning domination of the world for hundreds of years or the democracies which have sprung up all over the world etc.

But the things that seem natural now in retrospect (ancient Greek city-states’ progressive concepts, Rome’s pragmatism and efficiency which also translated to the military plane, democracy’s widespread adoption), might not have happened at all!

Because the fate of millions and humanity as a whole can be altered irrevocably by the actions of a small group of individuals or even just one individual. For example, there is a very strong possibility that Nazi Germany would have won the war if it had not chosen to invade Russia, a decision made by Hitler and a handful of his closest that resulted in crippling economic and political consequences for his regime, along with one of the most disastrous military campaign in history.

So, keeping in mind the many alternate histories that could have easily replaced the one we currently have and cling to, a look at 5 world defining historical battles should prove interesting, as regards what would have happened if they had gone the other way.

5 World Defining Historical Battles

I agree these battles are important but I think there are a couple more that should have been included…..

I think the Battle of Ain Jalut… modern day Middle East when the forces of the Mamlukes defeated the Mongols in 1260…..

This battle stopped the spread of the khanate Eastward.

My second choice is the Battle of Britain in 1941 which as most of us know the Nazis failed to bring Great Britain to her knees in World War 2….

Anyone care to add any battles that I may have missed?

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P.S.  Something a little extra……Iraq has been the center of conflict for 5000 years……

Starting with one of the first civilizations….Sumer…..

By 3000 BC, the Sumerians had developed into the earliest civilization of Mesopotamia. The societies were organized into city-states, which warred constantly over the control of water. Two of these, Lagash and Umma, sat 18 miles apart and feuded for generations over the fertile region known as Gu’edena. In 2525, King Eannatum of Lagash defeated Umma using armored soldiers in phalanx formations, and also chariots pulled by onagers (wild asses), an invention frequently credited to the Sumerians. How do we know of this battle? It was recorded by the king on a stone monument, “the Stele of the Vultures.”

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3 thoughts on “Battles That Changed History

  1. They picked some good battles for the list.
    I would add;
    Waterloo, for ending Napoleon’s chance of ever conquering Europe.
    Stalingrad, for well and truly finishing off Nazi ambitions.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. There’s so many to chose from, but I’ll add these for WWII:

    Battle of the North Atlantic (which stopped the U-Boat campaign that nearly starved Britain into submission)
    Battle of Midway (which halted the tide of Japanese expansion in the Pacific theater)
    Battle of Stalingrad (which decimated the German Army and reversed the course of the war)
    Battle of Normandy (which sealed the fate of Hitler and the Nazis)

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