2020–Another One (2) Bites The Dust #9

A month ago the last candidate dropped out of the 2020 Democratic nomination process….and now another candidate has decided to drop his/her bid for the Dem nomination…..Joe Sestak…..who?

Joe Sestak, the former Pennsylvania congressman and retired Navy admiral who hoped to turn his military experience into an asset as a Democratic presidential candidate, said Sunday he was ending his bid for the party’s nomination. In a statement posted on his Twitter site, Sestak offered his thanks to supporters “for the honor of running for president” as “I end our campaign together.” “Without the privilege of national press, it is unfair to ask others to husband their resolve and to sacrifice resources any longer,” he wrote, per the AP. Sestak, 67, a graduate of the US Naval Academy who spent three decades in the Navy, served two terms in the House, 2007-2011.

In joining the crowded field last June, Sestak called for strong action to deal with climate change, corporate accountability, and China’s geopolitical threat. Sestak made little impression with donors or other supporters and failed to qualify for any of the party-sponsored debates. He recently completed a walk across New Hampshire to drum up interest in his campaign. The Democratic Party remained rankled over Sestak’s campaign in 2010 to challenge Sen. Arlen Specter in the Democratic primary. While Sestak defeated Specter, a Republican turned Democrat, he lost to Republican Pat Toomey in the general election. He defied party leaders again in 2016 by seeking the nomination to challenge Toomey’s reelection, but lost the primary to the party’s preferred candidate.

Sestak never got any traction as a candidate…he was seldom seen in the debates or in the MSM for interviews……so I do not believe he will be missed by many.

But as a something special offering….another Dem candidate drops his bid for the 2020 nomination…..Steve Bullock…

Bullock pitched himself as a moderate who could win a red state, notes Politico, but it wasn’t enough. “While there were many obstacles we could not have anticipated when entering this race, it has become clear that in this moment, I won’t be able to break through to the top tier of this still-crowded field of candidates,” the governor said in a statement.

Neither of these two rose above 1% at best…..

As the tradition of IST I will show the exit to this candidate with Queen….

Sorry to say he will not be missed.

I Read, I Wrote, You Know

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6 thoughts on “2020–Another One (2) Bites The Dust #9

  1. At this point, with the damage being done to them by the impeachment process, it might be advisable for the whole bunch of them to just save their money and everyone of them drop out of the races.

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