When Is Victory Not A Victory?

When the Allies declared a Victory in Europe it meant and end to hostilities….and when we declared victory in the Pacific it meant a cessation of hostilities….but that is then and this is now.

Like everything about that poser in the White House words have new definitions…..and one of those words is victory.

Remember a few months back when Trump announced that we had beat and destroyed ISIS and we would bringing our troops home? Remember that?

Only to do what he always does and waffled and set about explaining what he meant……according to Trump’s man in all things Syria, James Jeffrey…….Declaring victory never meant the war was going to end.

Shall we look deeper?

In an interview with Germany’s DW, US Special Envoy on Syria James Jeffrey defended President Trump’s declaration of victory over ISIS earlier this year, and argued that people who thought he was going to end the war or withdraw from Syria simply “misunderstood.

Jeffrey conceded that there was confusion around the announcement, saying even some within the administration misunderstood. At the same time, he said Trump’s statement was clear and “close to the truth” compared to other statements by victorious political leaders.

Jeffrey also suggested that the inspector general’s statement on the ISIS war was mistaken, but added that they “would not ever deliberately put out false statements, but they often put out inaccurate statements based upon a misrepresentation of one-sided information.”

Trump had been pretty clear about there being a pullout in Syria, and defended it for at least some time from critics before eventually backing down and claiming he was going to stay. Though Jeffrey’s narrative is that continuing the war was the plan all along, it simply doesn’t fit with what officials had been saying at the time.


This earns Jeffrey a free trip into the VOMITORIUM…..because we are scheduled to leave Northern Syria…..so where was the misspeak?

By the time we get rid of the poser we will have to have a whole new dictionary for definitions are changing fast and furious…..words like victory…and coup….and treason…and…well you get my drift.

“I Read, I Wrote and now You Know”

“Lego Ergo Scribo”

4 thoughts on “When Is Victory Not A Victory?

  1. Confusion is the best word to associate with politics everywhere at the moment. The best thing we can do is to start ignoring the rubbish that comes out of their mouths, on both sides of The Atlantic.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Our MSM has been feeding the public crap for decades ever since Clinton allowed corporations to own the news, and it has lead to this time in history when NO one trust anyone. chuq

  2. When the Allies declared a Victory in Europe it meant and end to hostilities….and when we declared victory in the Pacific it meant a cessation of hostilities….but that is then and this is now.

    NATO, SEATO, ANZUS et al are continuations of post WW2 containment of Russia and China and Cold War continues even now. Arms race and increased military budgets and weaponization in space show the hostilities never ended . Radical Islam has given us a generational war with no ending. There is no more going home after the war reality. Matter of fact 900+ plus US military installations around the globe help war eruptions become less of a threat.

    1. I wish I could agree….we have 900 possible new wars……stretching tentacles into all countries does not make us safer….just a way to spend more money on useless programs…..programs that help pay for re-election campaigns. chuq

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