Welfare Fraud

Closing Thought–20Jun19

I hear a lot about all the fraud committed by these illegal immigrants that are sucking off the Food Stamp program and other programs for the poor…..I think that most of it is just noise from haters.

But I will admit that there are some fraud within the programs for the poor….like this one from the state of New York…….

13 arrested in record welfare fraud sweep


Damn! And not one Hispanic among them….not even an African-American who use to take the brunt of the rhetoric……

I am not say there is no fraud by immigrants…..this story like the ones the idiots read is one case….but since they can make the leap to accuse everyone of the immigrant class…..why can I not do the same?

8 thoughts on “Welfare Fraud

  1. Benefit fraud by both English people and immigrants is massive over here, chuq.
    One of the problems is staff cuts in the benefits agency. Some people will always be criminals, wherever they originate from. That should not stop the genuine cases being dealt with fairly.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. That’s a very difficult task, Bob. I think the agencies responsible need more staff (at least in the UK, which is what I am talking about) to investigate social media, passport use, people working illegally, and many other areas where benefits are fraudulently claimed. I would like to see all the people who genuinely need the benefits get much more money, at the expense of the fraudsters.
        One example, in the UK a claimant can have something called a ‘Mobility Car’. This is a free or heavily discounted new car, intended to give the person freedom to travel. Yet when I worked for the police in London, many of these cars were being used as taxis, and not by the person registered to own them.
        Best wishes, Pete.

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