The Wait Is Over! Or Is It?

19 nd counting…well it is now 20….or is it 21…..44….103….everybody in Congress wants to be the candidate to take on Trump….and everyone of them is a false prophet.

The media has been selling Biden the chance to run in the Dem primaries….they have at every turn tried to force the man into a run……polls saying he can beat Trump….polls saying that he is the most popular candidate even before he announced….in short the MSM has choosing your candidates for you.

The wait is over….and the media can be happy they won this battle…..the people maybe not so much……

Joe Biden is in. The former VP formally joined the crowded Democratic field for the 2020 race with the release of a video Thursday morning, reports the Wall Street Journal. This is Biden’s third run for the presidency. “The core values of this nation … our standing in the world … our very democracy … everything that has made America—America—is at stake,” Biden tweeted. “That’s why today I’m announcing my candidacy.” A Morning Consult/Politico poll pegs him as the frontrunner, not only among Democrats but over President Trump as well. The poll has him up 8 points on Trump.

Please watch the video…..

Now my take….his video is all crap!  He is a centrist that will allow corporate American run rough shod over the government…..look at when he was VP to Obama….corporations wrote the health bill, the financial bill, and the wars he fought…….does anyone think that he has changed his tune?

His rhetoric may sound progressive but that is all it does “sound” progressive.

If you still think that Biden is the candidate for you then check out his site…….

24 thoughts on “The Wait Is Over! Or Is It?

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    Something to think about … there’s something stuck in my throat!! … ‘Joe Biden is in. The former VP formally joined the crowded Democratic field for the 2020 race with the release of a video Thursday morning, reports the Wall Street Journal. This is Biden’s third run for the presidency.’ … the video is worth watching! Your thoughts?

  2. I voted for Biden at least once in the primary years ago.
    I think he is too old now. Unfortunately I don’t see any of he younger candidates I like better than him.
    2020 so far for me looks like s lean year as to having candidates I like to chose from.

  3. He’s the only one with the experience and knowledge and wisdom to engage in foreign affairs and military matters. The rest are clueless about these things and none seem like they can become the young John F Kennedy overnight in crisis. I mean, really, would you be comfortable with any of these handling a Cuban Missile Crisis for instance ? None could make Russia, China, NK or Iran even sneeze. None of these who are currently in office have any legislative record of accomplishment. Does Trump hate drive people to flock to the untested wannabes ? Big risk I’d say. Joe looks tired and has no spark though and this new democrat party is as unaligned with him as are republicans. I remember his frequent appearances on the Don Imus show years back and he seemed like a pretty sensible fellow then but if he thinks he can unite this contemporary democrat party (let alone the nation) he’s not in step with the times

    1. Inexperience has not been a negative in the last couple of years…..Joe is an Obama holdover like Hillary…..their policies are not what America needs. chuq

  4. So aren’t Trump’s policies better overall as far as economy goes? Can you identify policies of the current group that would better today’s growing economy ? They seem hell bent on super taxing entrepreneurial class and corporations which are the growth engines. Does Trump hate just dismiss the economy ? One thing that Medicare for all boosters are clueless about is that medicare pays doctors and hospitals and labs at 15 – 40 % of billed cost even with approval. I think that would drive at least half of healthcare out of business or into bankruptcy. I see the big gap in payment reviewing my own medicare summary that arrived today. My supplemental will add some more payment to the vendors but still far short of billing. Private insurance pays a greater part of the billing than Medicare. I suppose that’s one reason private health care is against Medicare for all and keeping just for seniors. If health care industry can make no profit it will evaporate and I don’t mean just the insurance companies, providers included.

    1. If you ask the health care providers why the billing amount is so much higher they reply that no one pays the billing rate. Not even the uninsured. If you ask for a breakdown and explanation of the billed rate they are simply unable to give an explanation. And they do not try to. They just say it is complicated.
      I think they pick a number out of the air and use it for the billing rate, and negotiate with the different heath insurance companies to arrive at a number. The number varies depending on the leverage of each separate company. Medicare payments are set by s board composed mainly of doctors from different fields.
      Quite a mess.

    2. The economy is doing grreat if you have a huge portfolio…if you work for a living not so much…..the industry does not want a good health pln because it will cost the bottom line….so screw the people their profits are far more important….chu1

      1. I recall the current mantra “It should be about the patient not the profit”. Certainly an admirable view but how does any service or industry exist and sustain itself without profit ? It would need government subsidy and then the same billing complication would flourish as OG suggests.

      2. No one I know thinks they should not turn a profit but when you have enough cash on hand to pay billions for a competitor and still give a CEO hundreds of millions in a bonus then you are screwing someone out of something. chuq

  5. All I know is, 2020 is going to each one of us inundated with junk mail, spam email and political phone calls!!! (and that doesn’t even take into account the political blogs!)

    1. We each will have our personal candidaate since there are so many…..2020 is n9 different than any other election…..BS and lies…..same as always….chuq

    2. Oh, the political phone calls and the extended car warranty calls and the refinance your house calls make me crazy. I tell the political ones we are voting for Franklin Delano Roosevelt again and hang up.

  6. In my opinion Michelle Obama would be the right candidate. But in her autobiography “Becoming” she wrote that she never ever would return to politics again. What a pitty!

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