Smells Like Disinformation

We live in an age of disinformation…..we can re-cover the dialog for the last 24 months…but why? If you believe bullshit nothing I say will change that. But I do want to talk about this disinformation thing.

I have written about it before on several occasions…..

But we know that there are many people that will willful show their ignorance because someone has said something they want to believe….whether accurate or not……so let us look into this thing called “disinformation”……

Disinformation is the deliberate and purposeful distribution of false information. The term is generally used to describe an organized campaign to deceptively distribute untrue material intended to influence public opinion.

In recent years, the term has become especially associated with the spread of “fake news” on social media as a strategy of negative political campaigning.

A key component of the definition of disinformation is the intention of the person or entity creating the message. Disinformation is distributed with the specific purpose of misleading the public. The false information is meant to impact society by swaying the opinions of the members of the audience.

One might scratch one’s head and ask….how can this be?

A new survey from the Pew Research Center has found that many Americans cannot recognise the hypothesis part of the scientific method when confronted with a problem in everyday life.

“In an era of easy access to a wide array of information, along with sometimes-intense debate over what information is true and false, this survey takes stock of the degree to which the public shares a common understanding of science facts and processes,” says Cary Funk, director of science and society research at Pew Research Center.

It wasn’t all bad news – Americans’ knowledge of specific scientific facts seemed pretty good. But their understanding of the scientific method was more worrisome.

With more than 4,000 respondents, only 52 percent could correctly identify a scientific hypothesis about a computer slowing down.

We have an absolute expert at bullshit in the White House……he passes on crap and his lackeys will do everything possible to spread the same bullshit to make him appear as if he is telling the truth…..or to give the impression that he, Trump, is knowledgeable……

Disinformation is a pure form of propaganda and we live in world where few know what is truth or fantasy.


6 thoughts on “Smells Like Disinformation

  1. Noting new of course. From notices posted in public squares, to the ubiquitous ‘leaflets’ of the 18th century, spreading false information has been with us since humans could write, and probably before, by word of mouth.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Most networks spread disinformation not actual news. The Russian effort to weaken America is to flood social media with disinformation and hate baiting to divide us. The media is in collusion with Russia as they are doing Putin’s work for him. Guilt on left and right. FOX does cheerlead for Trump (although some anchors have called him out here and there) but CNN and MSNBC are so ardent in their Trump character assassination they distort and lie about facts. Both sides tend to omit some particulars of facts here and there if such would contradict the agenda of the network. I remember a Hannity statement when covering the event when the shooter attacked the congressmen practicing baseball and Scalese critically wounded as “another terrorist attack by the left” (insinuating democrat party left). Now that was editorializing at it’s worse and an outrageous claim. I prefer FOX but am atune enough to spot BS when I hear it.

    1. Thanx to Clinton allowing corporations to own the news is when the disinformation became commonplace….I prefer to find my news in sources not owned by corporations…..chuq

  3. You will only have Trump for a couple more years (hopefully) but here ion the Uk we have BREXIT which will last for generations. The lies & disinformation we suffered during the leave campaign was staggering. There was the big Red Bus that toured the country sporting the Slogan Lets not give £350 Billion a week to the EU, lets give it to the ailing National Health Service instead. It seemed to many quite a reasonable view. Especially if you were a Eurosceptic in the first place.

    The morning after the vote the leave camp won, they immediately admitted on television that it was only a suggestion and probably wouldn’t happen. There were many examples of this, yet although the leave voters will admit they were lied to, but they didn’t care – they just wanted out of Europe.

    Although millions (illegally) were spent on press and social media advertising targeted by use of personal data hoovered up from facebook by Cambridge Analylica working on behalf of the leave Campaign (who’s directors included current tory cabinet ministers) but the more sinister form of dis-information took the form of false Social media accounts who would jump in on public conversations and sow discord between the Remainers and Leavers. They would promote insults against each camp to ramp up the bad relations between the two. Poeple fell for it and bad blood is still risen and bubbling.

    1. I have a regular reader, BeetleyPete, he keeps me up om the Brexit thing….thanx for your update….the whole thing is confusing to us Colonials……chuq

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