Keep It In Your Genes

My Saturday begins with rain but warmer temps….my planned garden work will have to wait…….so a writin’ I will go…….

I see that they are still trying to get people to freely give their DNA up and pay for it to boot.

I wrote about why I do not trust this stuff…….

I read another article about the legal concerns around this DNA fad……

The pitch from DNA companies has been: Send us a sample, and you’ll be able to find distant relatives and fill out your family tree. Now one company has added that, as a bonus, your DNA can help catch a criminal. Family Tree DNA has launched a campaign starring Ed Smart, whose daughter Elizabeth was kidnapped at 14, to implore people to take the test so that victims’ families can get answers, the Atlantic reports. The company sells at-home tests, but in addition, people can upload their profiles from other companies on its website. AncestryDNA, 23andMe, and MyHeritage have resisted authorities’ efforts to use their databases. But Family Tree DNA allows law enforcement to upload a suspect’s DNA profiles to find relatives. BuzzFeed discovered recently that, without notifying its users, Family Tree DNA changed its terms of service to let its database to be used for investigations of violent crimes.


I will trust my family oral history over this scientific method.

I will be dodging the rain today……MoMo is in a mood of her own……she found a cat in the woods and brought it home……so I have this cat living on the back porch…..oh well we all need a place to hang our hat.


4 thoughts on “Keep It In Your Genes

  1. So you got a ‘free’ cat? Something else to have to look after now. 🙂
    I am not bothering with the DNA stuff. There is no way of proving it is true for a start, so they could tell me any old nonsense.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. From what I read they can search back through your mothers side checking only the maternal line, or they check running up the paternal line. That gives a pretty small sample of your ancestors.

    One of my first cousins had hers checked. To her great surprise it came back thirty one per cent Southern European, two per cent Siberian and two per cent Neanderthal, plus some other from Northern Europe.
    My guess is the Siberian was through Native Americans since they came from Siberia and are related.

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