Who Believes That Theory?

The weekend and MoMo and I will do some walking….I cannot take her to the woods for a romp……her short tail with white and her fawn color she would be shot by some nose picking redneck hunter….so we make do with the neighborhood….not as exciting but she stays safe.

This is her expression while waiting for the walk…..

Now that I have explained to her that I need to finish this post…….

There are so many conspiracy theories….Hell I have even tried to start a couple……ever ask yourself why people believe these theories?

Did George W Bush orchestrate a plot to bring down the Twin Towers and kill thousands of people in 2001? Also no.

So, why do some people believe they did? And what do conspiracy theories tell us about the way we see the world?

Conspiracy theories are far from a new phenomenon. They have been a constant hum in the background for at least the past 100 years, says Prof Joe Uscinski, author of American Conspiracy Theories.

They are also more widespread than you might think.

“Everybody believes in at least one and probably a few,” he says. “And the reason is simple: there is an infinite number of conspiracy theories out there. If we were to poll on all of them, everybody is going to check a few boxes.”


Why do you believe?

Share with my readers if you like.

Time for that walk that I delayed……be well, be safe….and I will be back tomorrow.

Peace Out!


6 thoughts on “Who Believes That Theory?

  1. Don’t know of any conspiracy theories that I believe in.

    I do wonder about Marilyn Monroe’s death. I think she was probably murdered. Maybe by the mob.

    I believe there was a second shooter on the grassy knoll who shot one time and missed. And had no connection to Oswald. I think Oswald acted alone and shot Kennedy . I went to the sixth floor window. It would be a very easy shot to make.

    That is about it.

      1. Nope, the Saudis believe in an extreme form of Islam and al-Qaeda believes the same things…..they may have financed the attack to get better stuff from the US chuq

  2. I am happy to believe most of them. Especially 9/11, which has ‘conspiracy’ written all over it. Hence our tolerance of the Saudis.
    Shame to hear that Momo might get shot by a hunter. At least we don’t have that problem when I am out with Ollie.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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