Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, (Pause) Bomb Iran

I can hear the late senator John McCain singing that song during the 2008 presidential election… is the mantra of the Neocons and their masters the Israelis for decades. Since 1979 the Israelis have preyed on the US neocon hatred for what the Iranians did to the US in that year.

SO when the news came out the Bolton had asked for plans for an attack on Iran made none of us old farts surprised…it it old hat to Neocon behavior…..

The attack—three mortar shells launched into Baghdad’s diplomatic sector by Iranian militants—injured no one, but the Wall Street Journal is now reporting that it “triggered unusual alarm” inside the Trump administration. National Security Adviser John Bolton responded by asking the Pentagon to draw up plans to attack Iran, a request so unusual and a response considered so outsize by many senior administration officials that it “definitely rattled people,” one such official tells the Journal. “People were shocked. It was mind-boggling how cavalier they were about hitting Iran.” An NSC rep says it simply “coordinates policy and provides the president with options to anticipate and respond to a variety of threats.” Bolton has long advocated regime change in Tehran, notes the Journal, and penned a 2015 New York Times op-ed with the headline, “To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran.”
I have been writing about this news for decades,….ever so oftewn the Neocons, when in control, throw a story like this one out there for the MSM to feed on for awhile……


9 thoughts on “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, (Pause) Bomb Iran

  1. Regime change? They never learn. There’s not one example where it has worked for the good of the country concerned, or the western powers that engineered it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Lets try it on the UK, soon? LoL Or Germany’s regime needs a change too. Let the money work. 😉 Sorry for the sarkasm, but as more as i read about the things, the more i get crazy about these. I think France will show the “new way/ world order”. Michael

  2. The US is a state occupied by the Israeli lobby, and there is no foreign policy …

    every comic man of politics, history, geo strategic politics, economy etc., finded the
    chance to working same, the as cork to water,

    because formerly there is possibility through by arms… they imperatives and desires to impose in other States,

    so for that today there in US is no serious reason and seriousness in foreign policy and diplomacy…
    and they found opportunistic comedians, (for politics),
    to represent

    who they dont know the themes,
    Historically, geostrategically, economically, etc., in areas,
    and if that do not know them, you have total (100%) failed.

    today there is a Russian-Chinese axis, see
     (BRICS, E.E.U), which is economically much larger and in terms of trade prospects, (virgin market),
    but also in populist and military power etc, and the United States simply are looking with… binoculars…
    US are out of here,
    because as we said we do not have serious foreign policy and diplomacy … somthing go to do good with President TRAMP but it seems to have… allegiance in ‘New Worlds Orders’ of charlatans communistis etc !!

    Soros still around… and doing what he wants… Israel continues genocide against the Palestinians,
    Middle East and arount,
    Mediterranean and in Europe,
    all have made a salad and none know in US, what whant to make… in, VARDASKA – MAKEDONIA (HELLAS) – OUKRANIA EAST EUROPE…

    even, every poitics comic man,
    from E.U, who mock before eclections the President TRUMP,
    today the President give step and… talks… the West has… ending !!!!

    today Russian-Chinese axis,
    (BRICS, E.E.U) go Full Ahend…
    but US untill now, sleep in 1900,
    and untill now working in Balkans, Middle East and arount, Mediterranean and Europe, E.U… etc !!!
    if know in US… Happy Nwe Year 2019!!!

  3. Time for Bolton to go. I don’t understand why Trump picked him. His ideas are not in line with Trump’s at all. He wants to go in, Trump wants to get out.

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