Ukraine Prepares

The new year brings a bunch of hair pulling over the decision by Trump to withdraw troops from Syria and lessen the amount of troops in Afghanistan…..

The media and its pundits have trotted out every pro-war person they could find to crap on this decision….but while the whole M-IC and the Neocon establishment are fretting over this announcement half way around the world there is a real chance that a war could break out……

While western media frets over Trump’s withdrawal from Syria, Ukraine is trying to start a war with Russia.

While much of the western media is fretting over the decision by US President Donald Trump to withdraw American troops from northern Syria there is another potential conflict brewing. This time, the trouble is, once again, coming from Ukraine, where NATO may end up getting the confrontation with Russia they so desire.

Last month, the long-simmering tension between Russia and Ukraine came to a head when Ukrainian Navy ships entered the Sea of Azov heading towards the Kerch Strait. According to Moscow, this was a violation of Russia’s territorial waters and resulted in the Ukrainian ships being stopped by Russian vessels and 24 sailors being detained.

If hostilities turn into a shooting war then we know that the US will come to the aid of Ukraine….the M-IC will demand it.

4 thoughts on “Ukraine Prepares

  1. Ukraine is trying to play that ‘Trump Card’ (pun intended) while he is still president.They are hoping to reclaim The Crimea, with western help. I sincerely hope that we don’t fall for their nonsense.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I think Trump’s instincts will be to start out of it. But Bolton and Oompeo and the rest of the military will want to go in.

    Ukraine is not a NATO country will be Trump’s argument. Trump will be more likely to listen to Putin telling him to stay out than go listen to anyone in the US. That had been what he has done so far. Putin has some magical spell on Trump.

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