Iran: Chilling Presidential Words

I have listened to the many speeches and pressers from this president… best his words are not much more than babble from a buffoon…..if you had something to say then he would not have to ad lib his way through a presser……90 minutes of lies and half truths…..

But let’s go to Syria.

Trump has sent the pro war media and the Neocons into a tizzy fit when he announced that the US would withdraw from Syria and a draw down of troops in Afghanistan.

The warmongers stroked out and then set about belittling everything the president has said and the MSM is their tool of choice.

I am waiting to see how the statements by the president will play with the Neocons and the warmongers…..which words?

Speaking with reporters on Wednesday, President Trump acknowledged that while Iran is also pulling people out of Syria, they “can frankly do whatever they want there.” He added that the he doesn’t want to be in Syria forever.

While this is likely intended more as a statement of fact than policy, it’s gaining a lot of attention, particularly in the international press. This is likely because the existing Pentagon narrative, before Trump ordered the pullout, was that Iran was a primary reason for the US to keep troops in Syria forever.

While US troops were sent to Syria to fight ISIS, as the defeat of ISIS grew near a lot of officials started shifting the narrative to one of forcing Iran out, which itself was defined broadly as expelling Shi’ite militias deemed friendly to Iran.

That broadening of the definition of Iran, which allowed Israel to at times claim preposterous numbers of “Iranian forces” in Syria, would also make Trump’s acknowledgement of an Iranian drawdown unusual.  Though true, any number of actual Iranian advisers leaving Syria would be a trivially small percentage of the “Iranian forces” when one factors in vast militias from Iraq and Pakistan.


Not something the war hawks want to hear when mentioning Iran….the only country that will “freak” over Iran in Syria is Israel…..they have needed an actual enemy over the years and after 1979 Iran fits the bill perfectly.

But really…..what is this obsession over Iran in Syria?

Ambassador James Jeffrey, the U.S. Special Representative for Syria Engagement, disclosed to Russian reporters last week that U.S. and Russian mercenaries have clashed in Syria multiple times in the last several months. While he did not offer any specifics, he said “U.S. forces are legitimately in Syria, supporting local forces [in the fight against the Islamic State] … they exercise the right of self-defense when they feel threatened.”

But the U.S. has admitted that ISIS has largely been defeated, and the Trump administration has ordered troops to stay put indefinitely in Syria to counter against Iranian influence, the administration’s current comprehensive foreign policy bogeyman. As national security adviser John Bolton told the UN General Assembly in September, “We’re not going to leave as long as Iranian troops are outside Iranian borders, and that includes Iranian proxies and militias.”

But let’s say that we can say the Russia and Iran have won the Syrian conflict….what will it matter in the grand scheme?

President Trump has decided to pull all U.S. troops from Syria despite Pentagon objections. If these reports turn out to be accurate, the academic, public, and political debate over who ‘lost’ Syria will rage for days or weeks. Opponents of this decision will claim that a U.S. withdrawal hands both Russia and Iran a significant ‘victory’ in the contest for regional influence in the Middle East. However, these criticisms are overblown.  Russia and Iran were positioned from the beginning to be the dominant influencers in the course of Syria’s civil war.  Moreover, what passes for a short-term win for Moscow and Tehran will likely prove to be a rather hollow and Pyrrhic victory.

How will the War Hawks change the mind of this president?

Use a time tested technique……let the alt-Right media start in on him and he will cave.

Until then we are getting out of Syria (for now)…….


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