New Years Eve 2018

The last day of the 2018 journey…..soon this year will be in the history books and only time will tell how it will be viewed.

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The year ends and Trump has a parting shot for federal employees……

In August President Trump said he planned to freeze federal employee pay in 2019 due to “serious economic conditions,” reports USA Today. That has come to pass. The president on Friday signed an executive order establishing what will be the first pay freeze for civilian federal workers (the military is exempt) since then-President Obama put one into place from 2011 to 2013; the Hill reports these workers saw a 1.4% bump in 2018. The Washington Post reports the executive order, which impacts about 2.1 million workers, may not be the final word on the issue,

According to indicators the economy is doing well if not great….but these workers need to be singled out is disgusting and pathetic.

As usual my tradition is to give a shout out to my regulars and the new comers and to give a break down how the site has done so far after the years of dedication to informing as many as I can and as many that are willing to visit.

So far since 2006 I have posted 13,315 posts and that amounts to about 4.65 million words (damn my fingers are tired, LOL) with 61,860 comments (this is where I judge how successful my site is) and this is possible because I have had 334,025 hits from a list of 3250 followers…all in all I am pretty proud of what I am trying to accomplish….I could whine about other sites getting more visitors but I do not see blogging as a competition rather a means to educate and/or entertain.  Hopefully I have succeed in some small way.

Thanks everyone for the visits and comments….I cannot properly convey just how important my followers are the me and to In Saner Thought…..Thank you…thank you….thank you.

I hope every one has a safe and entertaining New Years Eve…..I look forward to our exchanges in the coming year of 2019….onward and upward.

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15 thoughts on “New Years Eve 2018

  1. Glad you published your stats. Sounds successful to me.
    I have only been following for a few months but have gotten a lot of good information and reading.
    I like the civility on this site. Appreciate that also.

    Had black beans, rice and sour cream from a Mexican restaurant least night. We have not even thought of tonight’s menu yet. Wife has tough case of bronchitis. Lot of people seem to have that now.

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