Greco-Turkish Mindset

We near the start of a new year and there is an old situation that is about to come to a head…..that would be the animosities between Greece and Turkey.

This “hatred” goes back to the days of Greek dominance of the region….think B.C.

It began back when the Greeks were a power and the Persians had the region of Anatolia (Turkey)….but that is a lesson for your World Civilization class….I would like to write about a more modern “hatred” that centered arounf the island of Cyprus……

This will help set the stage…..

The last “war” was in 1974 and the island was divided along Greek/Turkish lines…..1074 was a major conflict that the world  tried to find peace for the two sides….

Another quick reference to this conflict…..

The reason I brought the fact that Greece and Turkey have come to blows over their disagreements is because there is more news…..this time Cyprus is not the center of the “hatred”….but the island is always part of the disagreements….

This time Greece is pissed that Turkey has “invaded” their airspace without proper clearances….

Greece’s top military brass have fired off a set of unusually stern warnings to Turkey, threatening to crush its troops if they dare to land on any disputed islet in the Aegean Sea – but Ankara didn’t mince its words either.
Reacting to violations of Greek airspace by Turkish jets over the Aegean, Defense Minister Panos Kammenos warned that Ankara would pay a price.
“If they make the slightest move, we will crush them,” Kammenos threatened. Athens wants peace and harmony, he said, but it won’t “concede a single centimeter” of its land.
This may seem a small thing but nothing is too small when these two countries threaten each other…..
And Cyprus braces for the future.

13 thoughts on “Greco-Turkish Mindset

    1. Sort of racist John….small incidents could lead us into something larger…..and making jokes will not change the crap when it hits the fan….chuq

      1. It is the place where the new arms race should begin unless we want to remain totally incapable of defending ourselves … yes! (Good for the economy too.)

      2. Well, old friend, neither one of us might have a say in the matter and maybe it won’t depend on what you want or what I want.

  1. That old argument is never going to go away. And when you see how close Cyprus is to Turkey on a map, it’s understandable in many respects.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Unbelievable situation, but otherwise i think some think there always have to be war activities somewhere in Europe too. ;-( First we need the Curds for fighting against the IS, and now we let them alone.

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