Are The Kurds Screwed Again?

In the “Way Back Machine” we travel to 1991……The dust from Desert Storm is beginning to settle…..Kuwait is back in the hands of a restrictive monarchy and their oil pumps are on and pleasing the West…..Saddam is still sitting on the power throne in Iraq…and the US takes its victory lap this time using a new resource…the 24 hour news cycle…..the Kurds are starting to flap their independence wings thinking the US has their backs….after all look what they did for the Kuwaiti royals.

Short synopsis…they were screwed by the US and paid a high price for lack of support.

2003 the Kurds were turned to to fight Saddam once again……and when he was killed they were used to fight s new enemy….ISIS…..

That was Iraq….how about Syria?

Northern Syria has a large Kurdish population along the border with Turkey…..and there is the problem….Turkey claims them as terrorists and has been trying to rid themselves of the Kurdish population….and now the war in Syria has given them the opportunity to do what they have been wanting to do for decades…..eliminate the Kurdish problem.

The Kurds in Syria as the Kurds in Iraq are US allies and have been helping with the fight against ISIS….the US has funded and armed these allies and by all accounts have been a huge asset in the fight.

By now most know that the president has stated that he will be pulling the troops out of Syria…..but why did he make this decision that seems like a knee jerk reaction?

This action will leave the Kurds in Syria vulnerable to the Turkish onslaught to come…..

Did Trump make his decision after a phone call to Erdogan?

According to US defense officials familiar with the situation, President Trump’s decision to withdraw US forces from Syria was made following a phone call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

This talk came following Erdogan’s threat last week to invade Kurdish eastern Syria, where US forces are deployed. Officials say that Erdogan essentially warned the US forces to “get out of the way” of the invasion.

US officials had been warning Erdogan against the invasion before that call. Immediately following the call, Erdogan claimed to have been given Trump’s blessing to go ahead with the invasion. It’s not clear, but the implication seems to be that Trump has agreed to get out of the way.

Other reports indicate that there have been debates of US policy in Syria, with respect to Turkey, for awhile, with some arguing that the US alliance with the Syrian Kurds was always temporary, and that the US alliance with Turkey is a long-term priority.

Now, it seems the US is trying to finish withdrawing from Syria before Turkey gets there, while Turkey’s Defense Ministry says that they are “intensely preparing” for the invasion, which they view as a “counter-terror” operation against the Kurdish YPG.


Are the Kurds screwed again?

Of course they are.

Turkey is calling for genocide after talking to Trump on the phone?

Turkey said Kurdish militants east of the Euphrates in Syria “will be buried in their ditches when the time comes”, after President Donald Trump began what will be a total withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria.

Trump’s decision to pull out completely was confirmed by U.S. officials and is expected in the coming months. The move stunned U.S. lawmakers and allies and upends American policy in the Middle East. For NATO ally Turkey, however, the news is likely to be welcome.


“Now we have Manbij and the east of the Euphrates in front of us. We are working intensively on this subject,” state-owned Anadolu news agency on Thursday reported Defence Minister Hulusi Akar as saying during a visit to a Qatari-Turkish joint military base in Doha.

“Right now it is being said that some ditches, tunnels were dug in Manbij and to the east of the Euphrates. They can dig tunnels or ditches if they want, they can go underground if they want, when the time and place comes they will buried in the ditches they dug. No one should doubt this.”

This does not sound like Turkey intends on stopping with the elimination of ISIS… me sounds like an Ottoman Armenian solution.  (if you do not know what that means then read a damn book)

Hopefully it is a coincidence that the Turkish statement and the phone call were so close together….but I have NEVER believed in coincidence.

Are The Kurds Screwed Again?

6 thoughts on “Are The Kurds Screwed Again?

  1. The Kurdish militias are dominated by the Communist Party of Kurdistan, the PKK. One of the reasons why the Turks hate them so much, and probably why they will get no real support from NATO countries, including the US. This from the ‘net.

    PKK/Kurdistan Workers Party.
    The PKK is an armed militant group operating primarily in Turkey, which historically sought a Kurdish homeland within Turkey. They are generally secular and politically Marxist-Leninist.
    From 1984 to 2013, they were involved in an ongoing conflict with the Turkish government.
    Recently, they have been involved in peace negotiations with the Turkish government and have nominally altered their goal away from true independence and towards Kurdish self rule within a larger Turkish polity.

    PYD/ Democratic Union Party and YPG/People’s Protection Units
    These groups formed in 2003 as a Syrian offshoot of the PKK movement. Officially, they are banned in Syria under a constitution which outlaws the formation of political parties along religious or ethnic lines.
    Currently, these groups control a number of towns in northern Syria. The PYD is the political authority, while the YPG is the armed, military wing of the organization.
    Like the PKK, they are generally secular, though they generally advocate for a democratic, rather than strictly Marxist-Leninist government. Owing to their close ties to the PKK and the YPG’s generally secular and leftist outlook, the group has attracted many Kurdish and, even, secular Turkish members.

    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. There may have been some consideration in 1918 to create a seperate nation for the Kurds, Kurdistan, but for some reason was rejected. Kurds have suffered ever since. Kurds will suffer but a lot of other people have also. There are limits to what we can do. We have often tried to go beyond those limits, and have met with failure.

    1. I think OIL is the best answer……a British Iraq and French Syria made it easier to get oil without going through a sovereign nation….chuq

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