Trump Be Right!

My regular readers might want to sit down before they read this post…..some of it may come as a shock.

I hate to pee on the parade……I believe Trump is doing the right thing.

Have you listen to the bullsh*t that politicians and pundits have spread in opposition to Trump’s decision to draw down our troops in Syria and Afghanistan?

None of it is real!  They are giving cover to help the M-IC retain their war profits…..and the MSM soft balled all the pundits and let them spread crap.

One more thing ….the GOP has been called the “War Party”….well the Dems are no damn better…..and that shows us who owns our Congress and the MSM……

All know that I am not a big supporter of war and all also are aware that I could never be called a Trump supporter….but I believe that his decision on Syria is the right one to make…..could I be coming around?  Please do not get ahead of yourself on this……

In my opinion he has not made many decisions that I can agree with and it is refreshing to finally see that I can give him his props when deserved…..

Apparently I am not alone……his party, the party of war, will not agree and the M-IC is trotting out all their paid agents to piss on his Syrian decision…..all the naysayers cannot make me believe that it is bad to leave Syria…..and like I wrote I am not alone……

Neither the mainstream left or the interventionist right is willing to admit that Trump is capable of cogent policy. Sometimes they’re right – on Syria, they’re wrong!

“Impulsive, irresponsible, and dangerous.” Such was the way, just this morning on CNN, that Democratic Representative, and House Minority Whip, Steny Hoyer described President Trump’s recent announcement that he’s bringing home the 2,000 U.S. troops currently in Syria. Last night, Republican Senator Lindsay Graham – a true hawk’s hawk – declared on the Senate floor that Trump’s decision is a “disaster,” and a “stain on the honor of the United States.” Two points here, one minor, one major – let’s begin with a semantic quibble: when maintaining national “honor” becomes a last ditch argument for continuing indecisive, perpetual war, perhaps it really is time to leave. And, more importantly, there’s this: anytime that Steny Hoyer and Lindsay Graham are in agreement and share a disdain for a foreign policy decision – even a Trump decision – well, then, the president might just be on to something.

I believe this action is a promise made during Trump’s campaigning days…..if so then he can count a promise kept….there are not many of these.

Nonetheless I find myself in agreement with the site “National Interest”……

Donald Trump has announced that he is bringing home America’s troops from Syria just two years after he was elected president. His plan to end one of America’s many wars prompted a mob to gather outside the White House, pitchforks at the ready.

The mob wasn’t made up of angry farmers or workers. Instead, the feverish crowd constituted Washington’s war party: ivory tower think-tankers, editorialists promoting perpetual war, wannabe commanders-in-chief eager to launch their next democracy crusade, and politicians who collected draft deferments when their lives were on the line—but who now see the need for the United States to “exercise leadership.”

It is possible that something will change my mind…..but for now I agree with the decision made by this president.

16 thoughts on “Trump Be Right!

  1. I also agree, Chuq! If it really becomes true, its the best ever done by DJT. Let pay the things by em they ordered. 😉 WorldPolice USA does not mean the USA military has to do every fight others need to grow. Best wishes, Michael

    1. John, I am antiwar so I feel he is doing the right thing… I said something could change my mind but for now he is doing the right thing…..chuq

      1. I am so proud to learn that you are a sensible man and not someone who is focused and immoveable. My respect for you just jumped 110%! I am starting to believe that he is wrong for the country after all no matter what he does. He carries such an odious personna for so many people that I think his administration is going to be a disaster for the country if he doesn’t do an about-face on some issues. I am beginning to suspect there might be some concern about a little megalomania in the mix.

      2. Thanx John for the kind words……I have always found some things especially foreign policy that I could agree with…..the MSM is doing its job and following the neocon line…John I think the best thing he could do is stay off Twitter……chuq

      3. I think the best thing he could do is realize that he is not doing the country and good and go and find something else he can play with.

  2. The reason elections are held is to elect an official who has the authority to make the final decision. To go in, or to pull the plug. That us true with a mayor, governor or commander in chief/president.

    I agree with his decision in this case and agree with the idea that the chief executive has the right to make decisions. He can of course be removed for cause.

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