An Education Of A President, Et Al

I make NO mistake that I do not think that this president has any idea what he is doing when it comes to the proper use of the intel gathered by our agencies… to be fair I do not know if he is just lazy and ignorant or he truly believe some of the spineless crap he is doing and saying…..

But as usual the old professor is here to help (even if it is for someone that I do not support in any way shape or form)…..there is now a short paper on the use of intel for policymakers……

It’s 9:00 pm somewhere in the trenches of the national security bureaucracy. You are a mid-level policymaker and are scrambling to prepare for the big National Security Council meeting in the morning, when principals will debate and decide the U.S. course of action for the crisis du jour. You need to write a ‘read-ahead’ paper and be able to convincingly brief your principal and maybe even the National Security Council on the state of play in the conflict, policy options based on that analysis, pros and cons of each option, and to ultimately make a recommendation. You, however, have not been reading your intelligence — and you do not even know where to start.

Sure, your intentions were good. But the time-sucking reality of recurring crises, endless paper churn, non-stop meetings, and ensuring you are invited to said meetings (with the correct location and a speaking role) overwhelmed you. You have cancelled more morning briefs than you have held. Piles of unopened daily intelligence readbooks spill out of your safe. You can barely remember the names of the analysts supporting you, let alone how to contact them (they went home for the night hours ago, FYSA). You’ve skated by through weeks of interagency meetings with your three trusty talking points, but now, when the analytic rubber hits the policy road, you realize you do not sufficiently understand the issues at play, nor what options the United States could or should pursue to address them. You, my mid-level policymaking friend, lack intelligence.

This should be required reading if you are a policymaker……someone has got to step up and insert some sanity back into the policies that this country is embracing…..and at the same time dragging it into the pit.

I will be sending it to my representatives….not that it would do much good…..but at least they cannot claim ignorance as they often do.


11 thoughts on “An Education Of A President, Et Al

    1. You are right….but there are those in DC that I think could be a source of good but they do no know how to deal with the intel they are confronted with….hence the assistance…..chuq

      1. I expected him to do well, John. I really did. But he doesn’t seem to have ever grasped the idea of Statesmanship. We have a lot of idiots and cretins in our parliament, I agree. But he is the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth, and that brings a responsibility that he doesn’t seem to understand.
        Best wishes, Pete.

      2. I wish I could somehow gain the very intimate knowledge about this individual that you seem to have. It would go a long way toward helping me to understand the workings of the world a little better than I do.

  1. Send something to a Representative and if it is not earmarked as coming from a certain class of people (Usually big contributors), it goes to the bottom of a pile that gets shuffled off to some junior staffer to deal with ( and the junior staffer rarely ever has the knowledge or the experience to handle his responsibilities inasmuch as most of those kinds of jobs are given to people as favors to other people (My kid needs a job, Senator …) — so actual “Policy” is never addressed at the highere levels of government. Too much time spent on photo ops and getting ready for the next electiion or tossing a crumb to the peons to keep the favorability ratings up — It’s all so corrupt … so unimaginably corrupt —-and I don’t think (at this point) that there is ever going to be any kind of “Going Back” from the brink.

  2. Trump knew a lot about buildings and construction. That was all he was interested in. He just does not have the knowledge that he needs.
    He says he has instinct that he goes by. I like some of the things he has done but other things are severely damaging to the country and to the world.
    It us time to impeach him, or will be when the special counsel report comes out. They need to wait until then but it is apparant the the report will show impeachable crimes. His defense now us that he did not know what he was doing was illegal. That is not a valid defense.

    Cold and damp here. But that is what it is supposed to be much of tge time here in December. All in all a good day.

    1. It is all so silly….his lawyers are mot doing their job according to the rhetoric coming from Trump……Cloudy and rainy here….all in all a Fall day….chuq

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