F*ck Veterans Day!

Closing Thought–23Nov18

***(A thought NOT a statement on my part.)***

That is the impression that I got on Veterans Day post comments here on IST…..I have been reading lots on the subject of Veterans Day……

Keep in mind that this is one person’s opinion…one that I am beginning to agree with…..

No one cares about the wars we are fighting these days……NO one talks about them….not the MSM or Our Dear Supreme Leader and especially the Congress…..but they will without shame trot out some Vets as a political prop for some ‘patriotic” porn they feel they need to win over voters……and then there is the laziness of the average person that will trot forward and offer a ‘thank you’ to a veteran….without no care of what that means……it means nothing to a veteran that cannot get his treatment from the very people that sent him to fight and are using the services that they depend on and cannot receive……

So I agree……why not just cancel Veterans Day altogether?  NO one really cares anymore!

Veterans’ Day – maybe we ought to drop the whole charade. Don’t get me wrong, there will be celebrations a plenty: the NFL will roll out the ubiquitous stadium-sized flags and march uniformed service members in front of the cameras; cities across the nation will hold parades; and millions of Americans will take a moment to go through the motions and “thank” the nation’s soldiers. Sure, the gestures are sometimes genuine and certainly preferable to the alternative. Still, all this martial spectacle misses the salient point hidden just below the surface: the American people are absolutely not engaged with U.S. foreign policy. Most could hardly name the seven countries its military actively bombing, let alone find them on a map.

Worse still, hardly anyone even talks about America’s wars these days – not the mainstream media, not the president of the United States, not the Congress. Veterans’ Day just happens to fall about a week after the midterm elections – which both President Trump and Barack Obama each told their supporters was “the most consequential of our lifetimes” – but the truth is that foreign policy was hardly even on the agenda this past Tuesday. Americans argued about healthcare, taxes, immigration, and Mr. Trump’s personality, but ignored our supposedly adulated soldiers.


So since the people only see it as a day off from work why not just make it a special shopping day in the time before the big day, Christmas?

Look at the many wars we are now fighting.  I comment and post on them on many occasions and yet NO one seems to give a shit one way or the other that Americans are still dying for goddamn reason than to keep the M-IC is pocket cash.

In closing …..I do not think we should abandon the day….just making an observation by what I see here on IST.

I call it a day and will start my weekend…..leftovers are on the menu…..damn the leftovers!


18 thoughts on “F*ck Veterans Day!

  1. I think that most of the wars we are fighting today have nothing to do with defending the Freedoms of Americans and are more or less on the order of Industrial/Military Complex ventures or, if you prefer, a form of mercenary operations for either political purposes or for some kind of commercial profit. So, your perspective seems correct about “Veterans'” Day because, unless there is something I have missed on the world stage, America is not under any military threat of invasion or destruction from any foreign power that is actively engaged with us in any acts of war (Other than verbal) and so “Veterans’ Day (If we are going to have it at all,) should focus on those who actually gave their lives in defense of the nation. (Or, if that is not agreeable, then designate “Veterans'” Day as the day when Veterans can actually find or be directed to the resources and the help they need to make it in the world once they have endured the various Hells to which they are subjected while on active duty.

    1. On this we agree…..veterans get the short end of the stick…..always have as far back as WW1……vets should not need a day to get the help they deserve…..plus no person that has not served can be president…..period. chuq

      1. Yes……not in the spirit of the republic…..but I like the idea that service has rewards and not just some monetary promises that are almost always broken…chuq

    2. Memorial Day is for those who gave their lives. I thought Veteran’s Day was appreciation for all those who served.
      I doubt that anything will change.
      Read “Tommy” a poem by Ruyard Kipling.
      Lack of respect for soldiers goes back a long way.

  2. I’m not so sure about the idea that it’s all about the M-IC. That seems rather “anti-Vietnam War”-ish. No doubt representatives of M-IC in past decades might have affected “some” influence on the conduct of various wars, but I’m not sold on some grand scheme. On the other hand, our economy tends to do better.. and our developing technology does as well… as a result of war. largely because in the conflicts we engage in are far away enough to not to kill our civilians nor wreck our infrastructure.. and we generally always come out on top politically anyway. In contemporary terms, it keeps people employed and happy.
    While the M-IC was made a villain during the Vietnam era we have to consider that keeping our defense contractors alive and well, whether continuing to build weapons of war or converting to peacetime products, this industry forms the base for our national ability to defend the nation and responding to military threats quickly.
    ON THE OTHER HAND…. the mood of the country has shifted and Second Amendment enthusiasts has placed a huge demand on the small arms industry, and bullet manufacturing. While we are engaged in some “mild” shooting conflicts, the demand for bullets in the public sector and exports is making availability tough. Also add to that the popularity in the public market for military designed non-lethal equipment. So the M-IC does not completely just serve the government.

    Having said all that, chuq, I know what you are saying and where you are coming from… and understand the frustration and totally empathize with the cause you are making. Soldiers die fighting for all that… and so much is for no damn good reason.

    1. The M-IC goes all the way back…the Duponts come to mind…..The M-IC makes damn sure that wars are the furthest thing from people’s minds…..out of sight and lie about who is to be feared….this keeps the cash flowing…..hope you are having a good holiday….chuq

  3. I don’t know about America of course, but Armistice Day here is not a public holiday, and always a very solemn occasion. I doubt it would ever be possible to ‘cancel’ it in Britain.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. When I see stuff like this I just roll my eyes heavenward.

    This is the day after Thanksgiving, and we are not fighting anything on the scale that deserves to be called a war. That’s why so few people are paying any attention to combat operations. And what are you doing? Instead of thanking God, you are….. Well, I know what I think it is, but I don’t read minds. So I won’t speculate on your motives.

    Is the military industrial complex a problem? Well, the first guy who complained was a good president who ran the D-Day operation. So I will take his word for it. Nevertheless, defense spending is driven by the perceived threat. After each major conflict, Americans have shrunk their military drastically, but now we have a problem. Instead of being separated from potential threats by vast ocean, modern technology has brought those threats very close to us. So we have to blast apart any threat we can while it is still small.

    Have you read about the Barbary Pirates? When the United States had just begun to exist, we had little power and a short reach. So then even pirate-run backward nation in North Africa could threaten our shipping. So we had to change that, and that sort of threat still exists. To protect ourselves we have to track down and destroy what we now call terrorist organizations. Nonetheless, those are police operations, small-scale deployments, not wars.

    For security reasons, because we want to protect our special ops troop, there is no advantage in drawing attention to police operations. Have you forgotten what happen to Navy SEAL Team 6?

    When blabber mouths in the Obama administration could not keep their mouths shut, plenty of people pointed out identifying who killed Osama bin Laden was stupid. Nobody was particularly surprised when the Taliban took revenge. We are just glad H. Clinton did not win.

    You think well of the military? Then vote to put competent people in charge.

    1. We are fighting and dying…that is a war…..no one cares because someone else has their backs so they can stay home and bitch about stuff….I agree vote for competency and remove those that are not. Have a good weekend….chuq

      1. We are fighting and dying…that is a war…..

        Let’s see. Every time some nutcase or fanatic starts trying to kill people that’s a war? Riots are wars? Gangs fighting over turf where they can sell drugs create wars? That is trivializing war.

        Good intentions cannot substitute for knowledge. We each need to put our attention where it is needed and where we believe we are called. That’s a personal decision, but too many of us want our government to make everyone believe in the same things. That just creates more problems.

        Because they are too full of themselves to let people run their own lives, Democrat activist busybodies have wrecked our intercities and mutilated our schools. Because they are too chicken, Republicans have not stopped them.

        So it is that our failing schools and crime ridden intercities pose far bigger problems than what you are calling wars. Too many times have we allowed politicians to “fix” things.

        When I left him, I reasoned thus with myself: I am wiser than this man, for neither of us appears to know anything great and good; but he fancies he knows something, although he knows nothing; whereas I, as I do not know anything, so I do not fancy I do. In this trifling particular, then, I appear to be wiser than he, because I do not fancy I know what I do not know. — Socrates

        When we don’t know what to do, our first concern should be to do no harm. That concern, unfortunately, stops too few of us (Look at your title.).

        Because “we” are in the “majority”, the “majority” thinks itself real smart. To feed the egos of the “majority”, sales people and politicians run around telling us how smart and how much better we are. That’s why, ironically, the “majority” refers to the “majority” as the ignorant, unwashed masses. When “we” are not in the “majority”, the “majority” suddenly looks quite gullible.

        Since WE, that grandiose “majority”, cannot appropriately do everything that’s is needed about anything, it is usually best to let everyone concern themselves with doing what “I” can and should be doing.

        Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving Day. Enjoy the weekend too!

      2. Conservs want to run our lives for us…tell us whatever they want and we are to do it…..intercities have been ruined by GOP governments at the state level…..look at Mississippi…..decades of GOP government and have the worse records…..we remain poor, ignorant and sickly…..that is what voting for the “right sorts” has done here….coffee time…..chuq

      3. Grew up more than anyplace on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Got a brother who retired down there. He likes it.

        Does limited government means running your life for you? No.

        When the auto came along, people started moving out of the city to avoid the high taxes. “Freeways” and subsidized roads for developers made that easier. Nevertheless, the taxes drove people out. Then the schools and crime…. If a city is well run, it should be less expensive to live there. There should also be a better selection of goods and services. When government micromanages things it is just more expensive..

        The main problem with most American cities is that it is too difficult to get around in them. Stoplights! With today’s technology we could fix that, but the politicians are just too incompetent. They keep thinking mass transit. So they just keep wasting money on mass transit boondoggles.

  5. I still live there and have since I was 12 years old….any time the government makes decisions for me….choice, religious and medical…..then they are interfering in my life……Every body retires down here there are more old farts than others…..never enough handicap parking for damn near everyone is handicapped one way or the other…..chuq

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