“Making America Great Again”–Part 19

The War is over and the country is attempting to heal itself and now the call goes out…”Go West Young Man”…..now we look at the massive expansion into the western US……white man goes face to face with the Native American and all Hell will break lose…..

What were Custer’s last words?

“Where’d all these f*cking Indians come from?”

Part 19 of “American History for Truthdiggers.”

“They [the Sioux Indians] are to be treated as maniacs or wild beasts and by no means as people.” —Gen. John Pope, in instructions to his officers during an Indian war in Minnesota (1862)

The West. The frontier. Few terms, or images, are as quintessentially Americans or as culturally loaded as these. Interestingly, the West—unlike other regions—is often defined as both a time and a place. It is also hopelessly shrouded in myth. Americans leaders, from George Washington to Donald Trump, frequently claimed that the West, the frontier, somehow defined us as Americans. It was long seen as a place of opportunity, rebirth even. If a man failed in the East, well, then, “Go West, young man,” as one Indiana newspaper declared in the popular phrase it coined.

The truth, of course, is messy. Even focusing, as we will here, primarily on the West’s most immortalized era (1862-1890), the serious historian finds a story teeming with less fact than fiction. Some have even questioned whether there is any merit in studying the West as a separate historical discipline. Still, in a series such as this, something must be said of the place and the time. Americans, after all, seem to have decided that the frontier does, in fact, define us; that the West is who we are. And so it is, for better or for worse.


The West has been “won” and now the country prepares itself for industrialization…..once again forces are at work……

We are getting to the latest installment of Maj. Sjursen’s series……..I will beposting them as they become available and I will give my readwer access to the entire series as well…….

Learn Stuff!

Class Dismissed!

25 thoughts on ““Making America Great Again”–Part 19

  1. If you’ve ever attended one of “Their” so-called “Public Powwows” you will often notice that their disdain for you exceeds their warmth and welcoming natures, and therefore, inspires people like me to keep my money in my pocket and not purchase their food-for-sale, craft items and so forth — and to get the hell away from such gatherings as quickly as possible.

      1. Around here all they do is act snobbish, grab your entrance fees, try to shove oversize, over-priced hamburgers tagged as “Buffalo Burgers” and grease-dripping “Fry Bread” at you and bitch and gripe about their hunting and fishing rights. I have never had a more negative experience and I guarantee you there will not be others.

      2. Oh yeah? Well, always remembering their kind of history can do nothing more for them than to keep them in a bitter state of mind but if that is their thing, then they are welcome to it.

      3. Exactly! Conquered peoples should accept their state and try to work positively within the boundaries of what they have and what they can offer to improve their state. There are plenty of opportunities for Indigenous to improve their lives if they will only work at it and make use of the opportunities in front of them.

      4. I never re-think anything because I am rarely serious about anything — Today’s arguments are tomorrow’s memories … and neither argument nor memory serves any good in the ever-present and always-active “Now.”

    1. I am pleased that it is interesting….I am closing in on the most recent part and soon I will have to wait for the major to post the new ones….chuq

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