Why A Draft Is Not a Good Idea

I have written many times about our endless wars and the drain it is taking on our military and even though I am an anti-war person I would support a draft since we cannot seem to end these damn wars.




I have been working as an anti-war activists since the 1970’s….apparently war is more profitable than I once thought…..anyway I have had many debates on why we need to re-instate the draft….

After reading a report on the state of our citizens I am re-thinking my stance.  If the report is accurate then we must depend on a volunteer military and that is not looking to sound either….sorry on to the report….

The military depends on a constant flow of volunteers every year. According to 2017 Pentagon data, 71 percent of young Americans between 17 and 24 are ineligible to serve in the United States military. Put another way: Over 24 million of the 34 million people of that age group cannot join the armed forces—even if they wanted to. This is an alarming situation that threatens the country’s fundamental national security. If only 29 percent of the nation’s young adults are qualified to serve, and if this trend continues, it is inevitable that the U.S. military will suffer from a lack of manpower. A manpower shortage in the United States Armed Forces directly compromises national security.
The Trump boyz have said that there will be surge in Afghanistan….may not be as easy as these guys pretend…..(more from the report)

The Trump administration’s ambitious new military buildup is at risk of being hobbled before it even starts — by a dwindling pool of young Americans who are fit to serve.

Nearly three-quarters of Americans age 17 to 24 are ineligible for the military due to obesity, other health problems, criminal backgrounds or lack of education, according to government data. That’s a harsh reality check for the Pentagon’s plan to recruit tens of thousands of new soldiers, sailors, pilots and cyber specialists over the next five years.


Obesity is a problem in the US and now it may well be a problem for the military and the wars we feel we must fight.

2 thoughts on “Why A Draft Is Not a Good Idea

  1. The only thing that appeals to me about conscription, is that most classes of people get called up (drafted) to serve in the forces. When an army relies on volunteers, they generally get people who are worse off, unemployed and unable to find jobs, or have not had a full education. Then there is always the risk of a few joining up just because they want to kill people. Conscription is something of a ‘leveller, though in the past, certain people have always managed to avoid being drafted, for various reasons.
    Best wishes, Pete.’

    1. I hate that I feel it is needed…..it will revive the anti-war movement…..the next time we should make it virtually impossible to “duck out”…..chuq

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