Sunday–09Sep18 #2

I like to think that I am a foodie but I do not indulge in “food porn”….in case you are not familiar with the term…..taking mouthwatering pictures of delicious foods and proliferating them throughout various social media websites as status updates, thus tempting all those not even currently hungry into getting a food hard-on and getting food-horny and blowing all of their heroic dieting efforts to hell.

One of my favorite dining experiences is in a traditional American diner and that is where we pick up this post…..there is something magical about the taste of food prepared on an old flat grill……now for a cultural look at the American diner from the Smithsonian….

On page and on screen, few settings carry the cultural weight of the humble American diner. Inviting us in with slick chrome and blinking neon, the diner is coolly seductive. It appeals to our baser impulses with outsized portions of high-cholesterol breakfast and pie, wins us over with chatty waitresses and classic jukebox jams, and reminds us, in a fundamental yet inscrutable way, that America itself isn’t always what it seems.

A diner is where Pumpkin and Honey Bunny make their move in Pulp Fiction; where Tony sits down for his final meal on The Sopranos; where the adrift young men of American Graffiti gather to discuss their futures; where Danny and Sandy’s date gets crashed in Grease. Diners suffuse the writings of hard-boiled authors like Jack Kerouac and James Ellroy. In “Twin Peaks,” the otherworldly Washington State locale dreamed up by David Lynch, the Double R is a community mainstay.

For the musical interlude try Tom Waits’ look at the American Diner……

AS long as I am doing the food thing this day….how about a  farm….an underwater farm and NO it is not algae……fruit and veggies…..

Beneath the blue waters 100m off the coast of Noli in northwest Italy lies a cluster of balloon-like pods pegged to the seabed by ropes half a dozen or so metres long. Inside a range of produce is being grown, including red cabbage, lettuce, beans, basil and strawberries.

It may sound like something you’d find in a science fiction novel, but this is the work of Ocean Reef Group. With the help of agricultural experts, the Genova-based scuba diving company is applying its knowledge and technology to finding new ways to produce food.

If there is more info you would like then their home page may help…..

Hopefully all will enjoy your Sunday…I shall…..later my friends.  chuq

11 thoughts on “Sunday–09Sep18 #2

  1. Ever since I was old enough to watch films, the classic American Diner has always fascinated me. I hope you never lose that national institution, chuq.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Yeah. Around here, diners are actually disappearing much faster than phone booths. Most are family owned and are quaint & friendly. It’s a real shame.

      Recently, in my neck of the woods, a historically significant diner that had been open for at least 100-120 years. (I think it was the first place in the region that sold gasoline) It was burned to a crisp 2 minutes after witnesses saw employees of the new corporate owners jogging across the street to…a car dealership for some reason. (Already spending their arson money?) They’re now seeking to rezone the property for a massive, ugly, apartment building. And the city will give it to them…and probably a “tax holiday” to boot.

      Meanwhile, multi-national fast “food” chains are growing like the cancer they are. They’re cheaply built, sterile, characterless, cookie-cutter, environments designed from-stem-to-stern to eek out every single penny. They want you in, out, & gone faster than a $3 crackwhore. They sell cheap, shitty, cookie-cutter, junk food and are a product of heavy advertising.

      My favourite new American entry into Canuckistan is the ironically named “Popeyes”. It does not serve spinach, so I’m told. Also ironically, it’s now owned by a huge Canuckistan multi-national, But it’s also not the ONLY Canadian owned fast food chain pretending to be American. I believe Boston Pizza and Montana’s exist only within Canada. (Jesus, we are such prison bitches!)

      Popeye’s promotes itself as “Louisiana cooking”, which I assume is code for “deep fry everything, even the tray it comes on & the serviettes you wipe the grease off with.” In a nation with government paid healthcare insurance, eating like the fattest state in the fattest nation on Earth is NOT a wise move.

      1. I could be wrong (and I sure ain’t gonna see myself). But I somehow doubt, even given it’s past history, Popeyes currently resembles anything authentic. Especially now that it’s owned by Canucks.

        Mind you, Cajuns are just exiled French Canucks…so the new ownership is…ironically funny.

      2. Or you could get your fried chicken at a diner…owned by humans. The only kind of places I eat.

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