Leon Remembered

This post should have been written and posted on 03 September but I was lazy and worried about a doctor’s visit to pay attention….

This is the 80th anniversary of the 4th International…..this will mean very little to most people but as a student of political history I feel that he, Leon Trotsky, needs to be remembered….if not for his life then for is contribution to political discourse.

…the 80th anniversary of the founding congress of the Fourth International, held on September 3, 1938. The establishment of the Fourth International, under the leadership of Leon Trotsky, was an event of great historical significance and contemporary relevance. During the next three months, the World Socialist Web Site will be celebrating this anniversary with a series of publications and events explaining the significance of the Fourth International.


On September 3, 1938, the Fourth International held its founding congress in a suburb of Paris. The conference agenda allowed for only one day of official proceedings, owing to—according to the minutes—“the illegal circumstances under which the congress was held…” The “illegal circumstances” to which the minutes referred were those created by the relentless persecution of the Trotskyist movement by the police of the bourgeois-democratic state in France, the armed gangs of fascists acting with legal impunity in much of Europe, and above all, the ruthless assassins of the Soviet secret police, the GPU, working to carry out Stalin’s instructions that Leon Trotsky and his closest collaborators be physically eliminated.


Like I side mean little to most people but to students it is a study in political discourse…..

Just felt I could drop some history on my readers….enjoy your day….chuq

11 thoughts on “Leon Remembered

  1. Informative piece. Future is unknown but a lot of people are unhappy and will continue to be so. Right now the US is split up pretty well and can’t move in any direction.

      1. I liked it. It filled in a lot of questions about Troksy, Lenin and Stalin that I had wondered about, their differences. The analysis of the current situation was good and useful. Good job.

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