A Reliable Referee

Since Fraggle Rock is  no longer with us it is up to me to educate and inform……

Our Congress is in the middle of hearings on the Trump SCOTUS nominee, Kavanaugh…….and all the theatrics that goes with these hearings….

One cannot imagine how most people have no idea what the Supreme Court is all about…..

But let’s look at the Supreme Court.

We have a 3 branch government, the Congress (Legislative), the President (Executive) and the Supreme Court (Judicial)…..when there is a standstill between the Executive and the Legislative then the Supreme Court is the tie breaker, the referee if you will…..

Being a referee would mean that the Judicial should be neutral in all things…that would make the field of government fair and logical.  The judges should have no political entanglements that could hamper their decisions.

In recent decades that has changed….court appoints are made to further a political agenda whether liberal or conservative.  Now presidents long to have the chance to appoint someone that will carry out the purposed political agenda…….it is safe to say the neutrality in the court is dead.

We didn’t always talk about the Supreme Court in crassly partisan terms. The court had liberals and conservatives, and general voting patterns, but public analysis of the court’s activity normally centered on the legal reasoning behind decisions and dissents. People might disagree with one ruling or another, but the court’s overall authority, rooted in its role as a trusted arbiter of competing claims, enjoyed a basic respect.

Today, in contrast, it’s common to regard the court as little more than another political body. More and more, Senate votes for judicial nominees, such as Brett Kavanaugh, break down along party lines, and people tend to assume that the outcome of a given case will hinge on which bloc of justices, liberal or conservative, has the majority. Justices—like everybody else in our tribal world—are now seen as vehicles for expressing a political preference.


The SCOTUS decisions should be made using the US Constitution as a guideline…..(yet another aspect that most have no idea)….but I can help….

Then there is a crash course for those interested beyond the talking points from their favorite newscaster…….

Class Dismissed!


10 thoughts on “A Reliable Referee

    1. Google John Marshall. He was our fourth Chief Justice and his opinions and leadership defined to a large extent how our Judicial department of government works in relation to the Executive and Legislative branches.
      Our problem is our framers of the Constitution did not trust the voters and were afraid of democracy. They made it very difficult to make changes in our system. You may notice that after over two hundred years no one else has copied our system.
      I think everyone thinks they are following our constitution but the document is so vague they are many options floating around about what it means.
      I think this is a case where reasonable men can have different opinions.

      1. Read the piece and looked up the Rutherford Institute. Agree with a lot of the things they have accomplished.
        Some of the things said the the piece I think are exaggerated and wrong conclusions.
        The refusal of the Supreme Court to hear s case means that the lower court decision stands but it is only valid for the lower courts district. It does not become the law of the whole country.
        Some of the piece to me was a little over the top. But I agree with Justice Douglas about the right to be left alone. I could gave used that quote a few weeks ago when I was making that argument and getting slammed by left wingers on a liberal blog. When so said people have a right to be left alone they went nuts.

      2. I like to hear all aspects of a subject……I dislike how political the court has become……I feel there is a massive injustice being leveled on the country….it has been getting steadily worse every year for the last 40…probably longer. chuq

      3. I agree. I like to hear both sides also. I also am critical of both sides. I think they both have gone to extremes. It is like defending a case by a lawyer. Once you get into the case the lawyer loses sight of anything but winning. That was what they taught us in law school after one of my classmates expressed concern on an ethical issue.
        Money and passion color everything. Only third parties who are impartial and disinterested are able to render reliable judgments.

      4. I think that applies more to the people in the legislative branch than it does to the judges. Federal judges are in for life with a fixed income. I believe they make their decisions based on their beliefs. They are picked because if their beliefs by people more influenced by power and money. I believe the people with power and money pick the members of the legislature because of their beliefs.

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