Water, Water Everywhere!

The weekend begins with more news about the discovery of water in the universe……some believe that water is necessary for life to be present….recently I reported on a lake of water found on Mars…..https://lobotero.com/2018/08/05/waters-of-mars/

Well Mars is not the only location of water……the Moon seems to have an amount of water in the form of ancient ice…..

Future lunar colonists shouldn’t have too much trouble finding water: In a first, astronomers have discovered ice—specifically patches of frost—on the moon’s north and south poles, in areas permanently shaded from the sun. Found by observing how molecules absorb infrared light, the ice is particularly concentrated in surface craters or “cold traps” around the south pole, where temperatures are a chilly -250 degrees Fahrenheit, Live Science reports via a PNAS study. It notes this is the first “direct and definitive evidence” of ice exposed on the moon’s surface. Though water molecules were previously found, the ice deposits “might be utilized as an in-situ resource in future exploration of the moon,” the study authors write, per the Guardian.

The ice could theoretically be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen needed for rocket fuel and to allow colonists to breathe, reports the BBC. Yet the ice isn’t widespread, even at the poles. Just 3.5% of the shadowy areas scientists observed were found to contain ice, and none of the more recently formed craters had any. It’s possible craters were exposed to sunlight as the moon’s axis shifted more frequently over time than the axes of Mercury and the dwarf planet Ceres, where surface ice is more abundant, reports Space.com. It’s also possible that impacts from meteorites disrupted the moon’s ice supplies. Either way, the suggestion is that any lunar ice present is “very old, and is likely not replenished quickly,” per Live Science. (Humans might live in a lunar lava tube.)

At the rate we are finding water it gives more hope that intelligent life can be possible in our little universe.

I’ll drink to that.

The day is set…… go out and enjoy some time to yourself…..I will….chuq


17 thoughts on “Water, Water Everywhere!

  1. I actually imagine ‘Moon Water’ being the new ‘must-have’ drink. Some people will undoubtedly be willing to part with a small fortune for a bottle of it. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. The current most expensive water, in a real gold bottle.
        1. Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani – $60,000 Per 750ml
        Moon Water would top that easily.
        As for me, I get mine from the tap. 🙂

      2. Why not sell gold-water?…Well, other than the fact that it didn’t work so well for the Republicans old-timey Rimshot!!! All the super-rich wankers with a million times more money than they deserve will just slurp it up…or give it to Jeeves to wash their Bentley with.

        Bottled water is already one of the biggest scams going. Most of it’s just tap water anyway. The bottle is what your actually paying for…economically, environmentally and (with BPA etc) health wise. You can drink a damn bathtub full of tap water for the price of one lousy bottle.

  2. The governments of the world should create a joint project, fly to the moon (Remember when we still could get to the moon???) collect the ice and distribute it for free to those most in need of it.

      1. I’ve been a member of the club since birth. I’m Canadian. I was born & raised in a socialist state (that has since backtracked massively.) I want my country back! Hehe.

  3. Sometimes i think we first should solve all the problems here on earth, before travelling to damage the Moon or the Mars. The only scenario i could accept would be a colony of outtaken politicans on Mars or Moon. 😉 Michael

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