What A “Yoga Nazi” Eats

Weekend and I have found another diet for all the people that must try them all and never settle on one…..

I know a lady that I say is a Yoga Nazi because she is one of those people that feels she is right in her dietary plan and that everyone else should follow suit……at last time I saw her back in January she was heavy into the Paleo Diet……shall I define that for you?

In short, the Paleo diet imitates the foods that every single human on earth consumed before the rise of agriculture.The key is that the Paleo diet contains foods that have very high nutritional value, such as lean meats, seafood, fruits, and vegetable.

The diet also prohibits food ingredients that were created after the agriculture revolution, such as grains, dairy products, sugar, and salt because these products can lead to an increase in weight and a higher chance of developing health problems such as diabetes. (I believe salt is a natural occurring element….sorry for being picky)

Before the Paleo she was a vegan….only ate stuff that originated from seed…no eggs, honey, cheese, etc.  She then felt she was missing something in her diet and went to the Paleo and promoted it wherever she could.

I once again encountered this Lady and I had to ask how the Paleo thing was going…..that was a mistake for she has found another diet that meets her fancy for food……..the Kemetic Diet.

Never heard of this diet?  Well do not feel alone….neither has many other people……but for those that might be interested in a new diet……

The Kemetic Diet dictates that an individual’s staple foods — the ones they eat on a daily basis — should be vegetables and starches. The ideal starches are grains such as millet, corn, wheat or rice; beans or legumes such as lentils; and root vegetables like potatoes or yams. One of these starches, plainly cooked, should be part of every single meal, and should be accompanied by vegetables. According to Kemetic beliefs, vegetables must be eaten with starches in order for the starches to be digested properly. Fresh spices can be used as a seasoning. A typical staple food meal on the Kemetic Diet would include a vegetable-based sauce or broth flavored with spices and served on a cooked starch.

In the Kemetic Diet tradition, foods considered acceptable for occasional consumption are items that followers believe are beneficial in very small amounts but that strain the digestive system if eaten in large quantities. These foods include meat and any form of animal product such as dairy products and eggs; nuts; and fruit. Fish may be eaten more often than meat, but should still be kept as an occasional meal item. Followers of Kemet believe in consuming these foods more for medicinal purposes; for instance, fruit — especially citrus fruit — should be eaten if you are ill, and meat when a woman is pregnant. At no time, however, should these foods become regularly eaten staples.

Followers of the Kemetic Diet believe that consuming processed foods, sugar, salt and any vitamin or mineral supplements leads to health problems and should be eliminated from the diet completely. Additionally, they contend that you should only eat when you are hungry, ideally two meals a day with one small meal in the morning and a larger meal in the evening, focusing on eating only a small variety of foods since, according to Kemetic followers, eating many different types of foods puts unnecessary strain on the digestive system.


Yet another diet……maybe I will come up with a silly dietary plan and try to con everyone to eat as I do….

More info on this diet……


I just wanted to give my readers all the info I could find on this “new” diet plan……my Lady friend swears that this is the diet to end all diets….I will take her word for it.

Any thoughts my friends?


2 thoughts on “What A “Yoga Nazi” Eats

  1. Live twenty years longer with strict diets and Yoga? Or fail to make it to my late 90s by enjoying life a little?
    No contest.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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