Closing Thought–05Jun18

The good news is that all the bumps have been removed and the summit between Kim and Trump is back on.

It is scheduled to take place in Singapore on 12 June 2018……the tone of the summit has been dialed back to a more realistic as a meeting for the framework for serious nuclear negotiations.

I wish them good fortune and hope they can have an agreement that all parties can live with and that the final set of meeting will end the nuke stand-off on the Korean Peninsula.

My post is about the use that may be made with taxpayer money…..

The prospect for a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula could hinge on who picks up the tab for Kim Jong Un’s hotel.

The arrangements for the five-star accommodations are among many that have to be hashed out before Kim and President Trump sit down for the historic talks in Singapore, the Washington Post reported.

But the US would need to circumvent its own sanctions against the rogue nation.

The peace talks are set for The Fullerton Hotel Singapore on June 12.

A rack rate room goes for $415 that night but a super-luxurious suite, befitting a world leader, could go for as much as $6,000, the newspaper said.

The US is open to paying for Kim. But first, Trump’s team would have to get around its own economic sanctions against North Korea — by obtaining a waiver from the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Really?  A country that pretends to be austere and fearless leader is going to go in luxury…….he needs to re-think this possibility.  If everything goes to crap with the summit…photos of Kim in luxury would make good propaganda though…..this could be used against him at a later date…..

Day is done and I must retire to the “Crypt” for some relaxation….see ya tomorrow my friends……peace out!  chuq


5 thoughts on “Closing Thought–05Jun18

  1. You couldn’t make it up. A supposed ‘world peace’ meeting balanced on whether or not paying for the hotel counts as sanction-busting. Hilarious. Besides, there’s a week to go, and that’s a long time, in Politics. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. By definition anyone who climbs to the “top of the greasy pole” as Disraeli put it so eloquently is going to be more interested in himself and his own comfort and ambition than others.

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