The Balkans, Smolder Again

Ever since the 1990’s I have watched the Balkans, since the split of the former Yugoslavia, because of the conflicts that fired up over the different independence movements in the region.

The Balkans have never been as calm as they wanted to be….it has been volatile and remains volatile….. I written about this region on several occasions….

As you see the Balkans remain a source for conflict that never seems to go away…… about the history of the Balkan Wars…..

The changes made in the map of Europe by the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913 were not merely the occasion but a cause and probably the most potent, and certainly the most urgent, of all the causes that led to the World War which has been raging with such titanic fury since the summer of 1914.

Had the Balkan Allies after their triumph over Turkey not fallen out amongst themselves, had there been no second Balkan War in 1913, had the Turkish provinces wrested from the Porte by the united arms of Bulgaria, Greece, Servia, and Montenegro been divided amongst the victors either by diplomacy or arbitration substantial justice would have been done to all, none of them would have been humiliated, and their moderation and concord would have commended their achievement to the Great Powers who might perhaps have secured the acquiescence of Austria-Hungary in the necessary enlargement of Servia and the expansion of Greece to Saloniki and beyond.

The region is a source of wonder for me, at least….so many different ethnic groups in one small area has got to be a powder keg.


4 thoughts on “The Balkans, Smolder Again

  1. Like the Middle East or Northern Ireland, the area has been a “problem” for countless decades. I well remember from my university and school days as a student of history that the area has long been a powder keg.
    When push comes to shove, we humans are mere rats in a cage unable to overcome our baser emotions.
    If I felt strongly enough about religion or anything else I would find it pretty difficult living cheek by jowl with those who felt the polar opposite.
    I’m not sure I have any suggestions to overcome this. Wish I had!

    1. It seems that Tito had it covered but since his death all the ethnic issues became the problem in the 1990’s and the war…..hatred seems to tbe the furl for this fire…..and like you I see no way to solve the problem.

      Thanx for the visit and the comment….please stop by when you can…..chuq

  2. Once again, much of this comes down to random lines drawn on maps, by people who had no concern for the ethnic diversity of the areas that were created by doing that. I agree that Tito did a good job by unifying some of those countries as Yugoslavia, but there was always nationalism and resentment under the surface of his ‘experiment’. Once the Soviet Union broke up, the problems here were always going to get worse. Bulgaria had been on the wrong side in both world wars, and Greece has long-standing issues about the borders of their country. Like the Middle East, it appears that nothing can be resolved in the Balkans without war.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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