The “South Beach” Life

Good morning my friends……we are expecting lots of rain and wind today so the garden adventures may be out for the day.

In keeping with tradition I found something completely different than the posts I usually do during the week.

South Beach……the Southern Florida lifestyle that so many want to be part of…..we have a the South Beach diet and of course it is sold on TV by this babe in a bikini (what else?)…..South Beach is a beach experience and all its trappings like Volley Ball, girl watching, sun bathing, etc.

Formula One is considering adding a Miami Gran Prix to the world championship schedule (I will be bitching about this at a latter date)……

All the high life and glamorous aspects of South Beach…there is another industry there that seldom gets talked about….

At just 20 years old, Kandie Monaee earns good money, works a few days a week from home and even gets gifts mailed to her by adoring clients.

She is a success in a Florida industry that is consistently on the cutting edge of technology, generates tens of millions of dollars in revenue each year and aspires to move into the mainstream.

Monaee’s job: web cam model.

Her on-line sessions run up to six hours, mixing small talk and teasing with sex acts. Hundreds of viewers log onto a free website called Chaturbate and type her messages, awarding her virtual “tokens” as tips that she redeems for money. On a good day, Monaee — a Tampa mother of one who wanted to be identified only by her web cam name — says she will pull in about $300.

Do you know how hard it is to rite a post using only one hand (LOL)

Thanx for stopping by my friends….hope all have a good day…..will be back to “normal” tomorrow…….chuq


8 thoughts on “The “South Beach” Life

  1. One good thing about ‘webcam sex’ is that the ‘clients don’t get to touch you, and you don’t have to see them either. Good luck to the girls for making a living the best way they can. Far better than hooking on a street corner for a pimp. 🙂
    Bets wishes, Pete.

  2. I knew about a bum once who spent his days laying in a cardboard box somewhere near Los Angeles, California with his bare feet sticking out of the box. Passersby would throw money into the box. He claimed to have averaged $700 a day doing this. One day somebody followed him after his day’s work was done. He was picked up in a chauffeur-driven car and taken to a gated community where he disappeared into the garage of a million-dollar-plus mansion. I knew another bum who followed a seasonal circuit — Cincinnati in the Summer where he collected more than $500 per day in handouts … He wintered in luxury at a Miami Beach oceanfront hotel.

      1. There are many advantages to tax free money. That is the advantage of the bum and the advantage of having a shell corporation here and there.

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