What Causes Your Bad Moods?

As the weekend begins let us talk about something that most of us consider from time to time…….the things we eat……

These days it seems that no matter what your ailment it can all come down to your diet or your choice of foods…..some people spend every waking minute searching for the perfect diet or foods…..

Ever have one of those days where no matter what you attempt your mood slides into a bad place….ever wonder what could cause such a slide?

There’s a reason our stomachs are sometimes called our second brains. Our gut produces about 90% of our serotonin, the chemical responsible for making us feel good. So in an effort to stay our calm, upbeat selves, we chatted with Rachel Kelly, mental health advocate and author of “The Happiness Diet” (in stores and online September 26), to find out which foods might be putting us in a bad mood. (Et tu, fries?)


They keep saying we are what we eat……in this case we are bad moods.

“Fast Foodies Know The Deal”

The Memorial Day festivities will be slow for we have a tropical depression dumping lots of rain on my region….I hope everyone has a good few days and please take a moment to remember those that died in service of their country.

Have a day…..chuq


12 thoughts on “What Causes Your Bad Moods?

  1. The root cause of all my personal nastiness can be summarized in one short statement: “I was born and that was reason enough for me to become nasty! Look what I was born into!”

  2. What puts me in a bad mood? Just being alive in the New Millennium more than does the trick for me. And serotonin? Never touch the stuff!

    The shit mentioned in the story is hardly surprising. The only surprising part is that the truth is finally starting to seep out…which (like Big Tobacco) the Food Industry has probably known for decades… They certainly know their shit has addictive properties (especially the “white powders”) and that people are emotional eaters. So feeling like shit only gets people to eat more of something that’s probably making them feel shittier in the first place.

    Huzzah for corporate profits!

      1. Gee, I know somebody with that attitude. They snort up 75 grams of sugar in the form a snack/meal complete devoid of any nutritional value & run around chatting like Cheech on coke. Then during the inevitable crash, everyone nearby might as well be standing around in Hiroshima when the Enola Gay did a flyby. It’s easier to deal with the crackheads I sweep off my front lawn every so often.

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