Kiss That Nobel Good-Bye

Closing Thought–24May18

Have you heard the news today?

First there was the chest thumping then there were the kind words of approval then there was the news that North Korea and US would sit down to a much needed summit……Trump would meet Kim……

North Korea is destroying their nuke test site……

North Korea carried out what it said is the demolition of its nuclear test site Thursday, setting off a series of explosions over several hours in the presence of foreign journalists. The explosions at the nuclear test site deep in the mountains of the North’s sparsely populated northeast were centered on three tunnels into the underground site and a number of observation towers in the surrounding area, reports the AP. The planned closing was previously announced by Kim Jong Un ahead of his planned summit with President Trump next month. Sky News correspondent Tom Cheshire was on hand, and described it thusly: “We hiked up into the mountains and watched the detonation from about 500 meters away. … There was a huge explosion, you could feel it. Dust came at you, the heat came at you. It was extremely loud.”

The North’s decision to close the Punggye-ri nuclear test site has generally been seen as a welcome gesture by Kim to set a positive tone ahead of the summit. Even so, it is not an irreversible move and would need to be followed by many more significant measures to meet Trump’s demands for real denuclearization. By bringing in the foreign media, mainly television networks, the North is apparently hoping to have images of the closing—including explosions to collapse tunnel entrances—broadcast around the world. The group included an AP television crew. The North did not invite international inspectors to the ceremony, which limits its value as a serious concession.

…….and then there were words that put the summit in jeopardy and finally the news came out….the summit has been axed!

Hours after North Korea announced it had blown up its nuclear test site, news of something else blowing up. The White House on Thursday released a letter from President Trump to Kim Jong Un canceling the planned June 12 summit in Singapore. It reads in part: “Sadly, based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement, I feel it is inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting. Therefore, please let this letter serve to represent that the Singapore summit, for the good of both parties, but to the detriment of the world, will not take place.”

The statement the president references came from senior North Korean official Choe Son Hui, who called Mike Pence a “political dummy” for comparing North Korea to Libya in the context of denuclearization and warned Pyongyang wouldn’t “beg” for dialogue. CNN’s sources tell it the statement “infuriated” Trump and his team, specifically the portion about Pence. “You talk about your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used,” Trump continued in the letter.

Odd…they eliminate their reactor site and then eliminate the summit…..this is an odd occurrence….

One thing we can say for sure…..Trump can kiss the Nobel Peace Prize good-bye…….after all the work that his minions in Congress did to try and force the committee to award the prize to Trump…..

69 thoughts on “Kiss That Nobel Good-Bye

  1. Not to worry one bit with all this. These two guys Trump und Kim) are totally inept and unaware of what constitutes diplomacy, and neither of these guys has any support staff who is any more experienced at anything more than flushing a toilet. The good thing is that because this is all between just the two of them, with a side of South Korea’s Moon Jai-in, of similar inability, they have to start from scratch. They are developing a “language”… that’s all this is. This slight push/pull is simply a last minute presentation of communication. Trump’s letter was chock full of conciliatory rejection; the letter was no door shutting.

    Consider this… it doesn’t seem overly apparent at this juncture, but an agreement with North Korea is likely going to be far easier that any agreement with Iran. Why? Kim is a dictator and runs things. Iran has Islam lurking in the background, along with the associated prejudices against the West for one thing or another, right or wrong. Ali Khamenei and Rouhani run the politics over there.. and they both have to keep aware of domestic public opinion being so volitile. In North Korea, Kim has no issue with the public. Iran will be a tough nut to crack if anyone in D.C. is expecting movement on that Pompao list of demands..

    1. Kim wants to change his legacy and make his country great (and prosperous) and he is fully aware that alliances with China and the West will accomplish those goals but he is struggling to overcome some of the fears and paranoia that has been instilled in him by his Family tradition … so he is being cautious … taking one measured step at a time in the changing of his country … eventually, we will be buying “Made In North Korea” stuff at our big box stores and we will be vacationing in their resorts and spending our money over there just like we do almost everywhere else. Trump can do without the “Peace Prize” for the time being but I believe it will be forthcoming in a few years when everyone understands just what he and the NK are actually working to accomplish. I believe that in the end, The United States and NK and China will all be trade and economic partners just the same as our former enemy, Vietnam, has become. Of course, the short-sighted Libs won’t be able to grasp the mechanics of how this is all going to work out which comes as no surprise to me.

      1. Whatever you are thinking about “trade partners” in a few years is rather suggesting there some conservatives who have little grasp on the mechanics of how all this will work out. The North is the poorest of poor agrarian society. There is little or no manufacturing base, the population is unskilled, the “middle class” is poor and destitute, no buying power; the education system is a complete sham beyond reading, writing, and basic math; there is no electric grid (homes don’t have power to run convenience products even if they could be purchased).
        Bottom line, John, if anything, getting the North up to “trade partner” level is going to take decades and not “just a few years”. A possibility does exist that the North will become more dependent on the South.. to a point where the separation becomes blurred. By that time China, if it still fears sharing a border with a democratic nation, will likely be doing what it can to keep the North and South separated.

      2. I know you mean well, Doug, but I am remembering when North Vietnam more or less fit the same bill and look at them today — unified with the South … prosperous and a trading partner of The United States. Since American politics seems to follow certain unchangeable patterns, I am only prognosticating from a pragmatic viewpoint instead of an idealistic one.

      1. This use to be called “shooting one’s own foot” now it will be called the “art of the deal”…..chuq

      2. It appears we can also thank Trump for the 25% increase, and rising, gas prices as his wonderful Iran Deal “non-policies” take hold.
        It looks like the “Obama and the FBI were spying on me” distraction didn’t work.

      3. Someday all the Trump-Hating “Nay Sayers” are going to come to the conclusion — the inescapable conclusion — that The Donald actually knows what he is doing and, despite all the Liberal nonsense to the contrary, he is doing it well and still confounding the minds of the mindless Left.

      4. Sorry John that day will never arrive… sooner than when Trump supporters stop making excuses……chuq

      1. I have read it more than once. When I was a cooperator with an unnamed entity some years ago (For one short season) reading it was a requirement of participation. Knowing what it said was paramount to being recognized or tolerated. But we live in an age now where all the self-styled “Experts” think they can read the minds of the founding fathers and do their best to reinterpret it all to fit their personal agendized paradigm.

      2. The part that says the Congress has the final say on what is law and what is not. His highness became the Executive Order imperial king of the civilized world during his tenure. He ruled apart from the Constitution by imperial edict as often as the market would bear.

    1. “It was never going to happen” is kind of presumptuous, wouldn’t you say? What are you going to say when it does, indeed, happen?

    1. He never thumped his chest at all, he smiled and said, “The Nobel? What about that?” That was the entire display and there was no more and nothing more can be made of it — unless someone is perceptually bereft.

      1. He said “everyone thinks” he deserved the Nobel prize. You really thought he would have missed an opportunity to inflate himself? Are we watching the same Trump?

      2. Thanks for that truly enlightening information. I am sometimes very dense and the obvious is not always apparent to me. Remember that I am really old and my brain doesn’t work like a lot of other people’s does.

  2. Dearest Doug — you say, “It appears we can also thank Trump for the 25% increase, and rising, gas prices as his wonderful Iran Deal “non-policies” take hold.” —- May I remind you that the President of The United States has absolutely no control over the price of gas at the pumps? The Obama Haters tried this same lame old nonsensical line of thinking on him too …. but he had nothing to do with rising or falling gas prices either. It is all based on supply and demand and the President has absolutely no control over it. We need to stop spreading these kinds of untruthful suggestions — if at all possible.

      1. If your reply disappeared it had nothing to do with me because this is not my blog you are replying on. Check with your moderatorl

      2. Nice try John…but try to keep it to yourself…..I do nothing to keep people from replying….everyone should know that but I guess it is still a mystery to some….sorry Doug not my doing….chuq

      3. If if wasn’t your doing — and it certainly wasn’t mine — then it must have been somebody else and there was only one other individual involved in the transaction — unless it was some algorhythm —

      4. Not my doing I have only censured one person 5 years ago for being a total dick wad….and you have been coming long enough to know that

  3. I said… given Trump’s words proclaiming the end to the Iran deal, and with no “plan B”, Trump’s words DO in fact matter… regardless how much the Right chooses to ignore his lies.

    Well, John,

      1. Especially me. I am uncivil as all Hell! Civility and a hole in your bathing suit will get you 5 minutes of fame as the cops come to throw you in the paddy wagon. Civility is archaic, out-dated, dinosaur value that nobody understands or uses anymore — unless they are stuck in the past when values actually meant something. I am rarely ever civil. It is a consummate waste of time. Ask anybody in the Congress.

      2. People are not archaic. People have been around for a long time, they are still here and I expect they will be here for a long time yet to come.

      3. Yes they do, don’t they? We need a Politburo here don’t we? Let’s get a Central Committee to run things and install ourselves a Liberal Putin figure. How about that? Would that work better?

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