The Old “Perjury Trap”

First he ran a city then he ran for president and now as then he is running off at the mouth….Rudy Giuliani.  Back in the day everything Rudy said had a subject, a verb and 9/11….now it appears he has finally found something he can talk about with referencing 9/11…..he has been added to the long list of Trump attorneys and the clock is ticking on his tenure.

For a couple of days it has been Rudy all the time all day on the TV channels…..since joining the team he has pissed on the dialog the president has stuck to but now it looks like Trump about and paid to shut the porn star up.

Next Rudy got to talking about the possibility of the interview of the President by Mueller….he and others keep trying to pass off the interview as some sort of “perjury trap”…….

New Trump legal team member Rudy Giuliani told Fox News that the president may not sit down with special counsel Robert Mueller and that if he does, he should not be under oath, reports USA Today. “What they’re really trying to do is trap him into perjury, and we’re not suckers,” the former NYC mayor said Thursday morning on Fox & Friends. The remarks came less than a day after Giuliani’s bombshell interview with Fox host Sean Hannity, in which Giuliani said President Trump reimbursed his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, for “hush money” paid to porn star Stormy Daniels. Giuliani’s statement follows four months of negotiations between the Mueller and Trump teams that have included talk of a subpoena if Trump refuses to testify in the special counsel probe into Russian interference with the 2016 US election.

Giuliani also said that any interview with Trump should be limited in time. “They should be able to do this, if they have a case, in two or three hours,” Giuliani said during a series of media interviews Thursday, as reported in the Washington Post. But Giuliani also said, per Fox, that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should shut the probe down entirely as it has uncovered no evidence of collusion with the Russians. Trump has said in the past that he would be willing to be interviewed by Mueller, but he lately appears to be walking back some of those statements. Per the Post, some of Trump’s advisers worry that open-ended questions from Mueller could result in “meandering” answers from Trump that lead to accusations of perjury. In the Hannity interview Wednesday night, Giuliani said “the odds are [Trump] wouldn’t be interviewed” by Mueller, but he added, “I don’t close my mind to it.”

Perjury Trap?  If that is even a thing it can be beat and beat easily…..Tell The Truth!

I see Rudy does not disappoint….glad to see he has something other than 9/11 to occupy his time.


8 thoughts on “The Old “Perjury Trap”

  1. It is very true that I have never seen any reference to Rudy without mention of 9/11.
    It gave him the spotlight, and it seems he enjoyed that.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I was going to comment re perjury trap to just tell the truth, until I got to your last paragraph. But the problem is, the truth will get him into impeachment trouble…. treason , I think, is an impeachable offense.

    1. Yes it is but hard to prove….the last time it was tried was early 1800’s and the trial of Aaron Burr and he was acquitted……chuq

  3. Good Lord! Why do you think that every loyal republican who’s been interviewed by Mueller, is on TV BEGGING Donald not to talk to Mueller. They say that Mueller already knows the answers to the questions before he asks. We’ve seen the questions, so we know what Mueller knows. Loyal republicans are also screaming “PERJURY TRAP”. Welllll, if you don’t lie, there’s no perjury. If he can’t sit for 2 hours without lying, then is he capable enough to be president? If he’s expected to lie in answer to the 49 questions, then the loyal republicans apparently know that he’s GUILTY! Else why would he lie and why would they be so upset? How obvious is this?

    The VOTERS who are for him also believe he’s guilty. They actually TELL US they don’t believe what he says. They just DON’T CARE that he’s a sex offender, liar, racist, con artist and probable traitor. They identify with him. What does that say about 30% of the American public?

    By “loyal republicans” I mean people who are more loyal to Donald and their own job security than to their constituents and their country.

  4. The funny thing is that he can tell the truth about sex and infidelity and scamming employees and clients – his fans won’t care at all and the rest of us know about it already. So, why lie about things are just embarrassing? Hang tough and get over it. It’s not a perjury trap, it’s an embarrassment trap. If he lies about that stuff he doesn’t belong in any position of responsibility. His supporters are afraid he has to lie about the really big stuff. The stuff that gets him (and some of them) sent up the river.

    1. I agree… is s-ad that his supporters will accept anything he has to say as “gospel”…..knowing his background….pathetic….chuq

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