Troop Morale

To successfully fight a war then the troops must have a high morale rating…..The US has been fighting a war since 2001…..after 17 years just how is the morale of our troops?

Since 2009, $287 million has been spent on programs aimed at improving morale within the US military, which has shouldered two major overseas combat deployments over the past decade.

But these efforts may have been largely fruitless, as 52% of soldiers across all branches remain “pessimistic about their future in the military,” according to an April USA Today report.

For decades, analysts have consistently reported on supposedly declining US military morale, even before the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A Brookings Institution report notes: “Observers regularly fretted over low morale during the defense drawdown of the 1990s, during the start of the Iraq War, during the Iraq Surge, during the Afghanistan Surge; and at practically all the points in between … After each report of troop morale hitting ‘rock bottom,’ troop morale seems to slip lower yet and, still, the military soldiers on.”

Plus a new study shows that the morale of our troops is continuing to erode……

It is time for the country to take stock of all these wars…..wars that we are fighting for no other reason than to keep defense industries in business.

Some have suggested that low morale lead to drug use during the Vietnam War as a contributor to our failure.  Let’s not repeat the past.


6 thoughts on “Troop Morale

  1. As someone who works closely with the military [and coalition partners], our forces are resilient, but tired. They generally don’t buy into the garbage propaganda spewed by this Administration or the last two. They’re bending….and if things persist on course, they’ll eventually break.

  2. Well, when you continue to send the same troops on their 4th, 5th and 6th tours -(something we didn’t even do during Nam), what can you expect? We’re breaking down the best among us – and for what?

  3. Hard to keep morale going when the wars are so pointless. Defending your country from invasion, or saving the world from Nazi dictators is one thing, but replacing regimes in places you can’t even find on a map is something different entirely.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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