The  weekend begins and all is well… I would like to post on neuro-science and AI…….

US has been investing major bucks in the science of brain hacking……

DARPA has invested heavily in brain technologies since 2013 when it unveiled its BRAIN (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) initiative, consisting of several programs dedicated to making “revolutionary” advancements in neuroscience.

These technologies are something of a double-edged sword, holding the potential for rehabilitation but also stand the risk of being applied unethically. “The brain is the next battlespace,” James Giordano, a neuroethicist at Georgetown University Medical Center previously told Foreign Policy.

Neuroscientists have warned of the ethical issues around such developments. In 2013, the same year BRAIN launched, a group of scientists confirmed they had successfully implanted false memories in a mouse’s brain.

Now let’s touch on AI and the dangers it my impose…..think Skynet here……

Artificial intelligence could destabilize the delicate balance of nuclear deterrence, inching the world closer to catastrophe, according to a working group of experts convened by RAND. New smarter, faster intelligence analysis from AI agents, combined with more sensor and open-source data, could convince countries that their nuclear capability is increasingly vulnerable. That may cause them to take more drastic steps to keep up with the U.S. Another worrying scenario: commanders could make decisions to launch strikes based on advice from AI assistants that have been fed wrong information.

Skynet is looking more and more likely and not just fantasy thing of movies……

With that bit of bummer news I take my leave…..enjoy your day….be well, be safe….chuq


6 thoughts on “Saturday–28Apr18

  1. Perhaps all those sci-fi films are not so crazy after all? There must be better things to spend money on, than implanting memories in the brain of a mouse.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Because people now have a blind faith in the god of technology, a computer can tell them ANYTHING and they’ll unquestioningly believe it to be true. And because everything happens so fast now, there’s no time to question anyway.. So, one story about a Nigerian Prince invading a NATO nation and…


      1. No, it’s his super-evil uncle. Mostly because he’s Muslim, the AI algorithm has determined he’s armed with nukes and is determined to destroy America.

        Oh, wait. Wrong guy. The prince spells his name with two “F”s, not one..and he loves America. The guy with one “F” is just a shopkeeper & part time blogger who spews anti-US venom because a US soldier stole a pack of smokes from him…and looked at his daughter the wrong way. The AI must have been used the guy with one “F” as its model. Oops! Oh well, these things happen.

        Sorry, Nigeria. We’ll send you some iodine packets.

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