Pompeo: More War Could Be Coming

For antiwar wonks like myself yesterday was a dark day for the chances of less war and stress on our troops….Trump’s choice for a replacement for Tillerson has skated through the nomination….

The Rex Tillerson era is officially over. The Senate on Thursday confirmed Mike Pompeo to be the next secretary of state by a vote of 57-42, reports the AP. The confirmation of Pompeo, who is leaving his job as director of the CIA for the new position, had been in jeopardy before Rand Paul’s last-minute switch in favor allowed him to clear the Senate Foreign Relations Committee earlier this week. Still, Thursday’s Senate vote is one of the slimmest margins for the job in recent history.

Every past nominee since at least the Carter administration has received 85 or more yes votes, with the exception of Trump’s first secretary of state, Rex Tillerson. He got 56 yes votes. Pompeo, a former Republican congressman from Kansas, is expected to be sworn in almost immediately so he can begin serving as top diplomat. Pompeo has been deeply engaged in the administration’s efforts on North Korea and recently traveled to Pyongyang.

A big mistake has been made by the Congress and especially those cowardly Dems that voted to confirm…..

With the help of six Democrats and Sen. Angus King (I-Maine), the Senate on Thursday helped President Donald Trump move one step closer to completing his war cabinet by confirming the ultra-hawkish torture supporter Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State by a vote of 57-42.

“The Senate has made a mistake of historic proportions by rubber-stamping Donald Trump’s war cabinet,” Jamal Abdi, executive director of NIAC Action, said in a statement following Thursday’s vote. “The U.S. appears headed towards a catastrophic exit from the Iran deal in spite of the pleas of our closest allies and Mike Pompeo will only encourage Trump off the brink.”


This can only mean a return to the good old days of nation building bullshit and the possibility for a war with Iran…. Pompo’s big wish when in Congress.

But who the Hell cares?  Americans are too busy sucking up to the pig in the poke and worrying about the newest diet to ever care about our troops or the safety of the world.


9 thoughts on “Pompeo: More War Could Be Coming

      1. Understandable chuq, not an easy life to choose,whether you enlist or are called up. In the meantime Look after yourself…:-)

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