Closing Thought–25Apr18

Trump has been at odds with journalists ever since he announced he was a candidate in 2016…..he has daily Twitter storms about this media or that journalists…….usually those that do not agree with him on his many and varied opinions.

And recently Trump stated that journalists, at all, should be jailed and forced to give up their sources…..apparently he is not knowledgeable on the Constitution and the First Amendment……

Amid more salacious talk and other key interactions—including discussions of “golden showers”; how President Trump claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin bragged to him that Russia had the “most beautiful hookers in the world“; and a request by the president for the then FBI director to “let go” of the investigation into national security advisor Michael Flynn—a revealing moment contained in the contemporaneous memos of James Comey, redacted versions of which were released Thursday night, is when Trump suggests jailing journalists and then having them sexually assaulted as way to force them to “talk” about their sources.

Interesting, yes?

For someone that claims all this patriotism to mention anything that impedes a persons First Amendment rights is just silly…..and a bit scary.


12 thoughts on “Closing Thought–25Apr18

  1. The qualifications for President and Vice President should be defined in a statute. To compete for the jobs, the potential candidates would run a gauntlet with a 100 question quiz on the US Constitution, a 100 question quiz on US history, a one hundred question quiz on World history, a one hundred question quiz on human rights, and an essay test (100 items? – yes, because I’m an asshole) on the powers of the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, and – why not? – the Fourth Estate.

    The Supreme Court, of course, would have the responsibility for judging the candidates’ suitability for a run. I think a score of at least 95% is the least we the people could accept, and, to assure no cheating, the faculties of the top schools in history, Constitutional law, etc. would have the task of coming up with at least 50% new questions for each quiz and essay test given so no candidate would get the exact same questions or essays….

    The essay question responses would make a good basis for what to tell the voting public about the candidates, and all quizzes and essay question results would be shared with the voting public as well. Instead of the four year election campaigning, too, the candidates would be restricted to a specific time frame, in the British model, of say, three months, and would have to defend their answers on the quizzes and essays instead of giving stumps speeches. It would be like endless debates, with moderators following the candidates to cut them off when they broke the debate rules. With questions coming from the public and media, the candidates would have a thorough test of their stands, and would have a harder time hiding behind cant phrases and demagoguery.

    Old tests, of course, would be available to review, but would only give the brave hearts running for the top offices a serious look at what we the people expect a minimum-level President must be, let alone the best-level one. They also would help the voting public learn more about the expectations they should have of their leaders, clearly not a current concern that has any basis in understanding of how our government is intended to function.

    Of course, no such thing will ever happen, but I should hope the current administration will help define what the President should NOT be.

    Next: How the successful candidate, once elected, is expected to select, vet, and promote candidates for major positions in the government. (“Oh! You mean we have to fill 8000 positions, too!?”)

    Perhaps there should be a Congressional version of this gauntlet, um, selection process, too. Too many people in the Federal Government seem to thing they slap an American flag pin in their lapel and somehow become qualified for office. (I’d make the flag pin something they had to earn by serving we the people. Points earned would go first to a tiny black and white flag pin, with the full color, gold filled one reserved for only the top 5% of truly American servants of the people… Those serving NRA, lobbyist intersts, and oligarchs would lose points toward their American flag pins, of course, and we would use their lack of pins as a means for culling them form the herd in future elections.)

    Good thing I don’t rule the world, eh!?

    1. I like it all…I would support the changes….I no longer trust the Supreme court since Citizens United…they made this oligrachy possible….chuq

      1. Yes, I tend to feel the same. It was an idiotic ruling. If American democracy falls, I blame them 99.9% because of that one ruling.

      1. I do pretty decent work spelling words correctly because computers let me know when I’ve misspelled words. That doesn’t help, however, when I don’t pay attention to the little red line under the words that need further checks!

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