What Brought About The American Revolution

I have always had a soft spot for the early years of this country, most notably the years between 1760-1812 and the American Revolution.

There is a wealth of subjects written about this time and just as many excuses for why the Revolution was fought…..some point to high taxes….others just did not appreciate the monarchy and its influence on the Colonies……I found 10 things that lead to the Revolution and ultimately the independence of this nation.

This article list 10 reasons for the revolution…..

On April 19, 1775, the first battles of the American Revolution were fought in Lexington and Concord between soldiers of the British Empire and American rebels. How did the British Empire, the most powerful, wealthy, and politically sophisticated polity in the world at the time, manage to alienate its most prosperous North American colonies? Here are 10 reasons:


We Americans have always been an opinionated lot….so here is your chance to voice your opinion on the American Revolution.


12 thoughts on “What Brought About The American Revolution

  1. Reading those ten reasons, it strikes me that the British were not so bad after all. 🙂
    We have to remember that the ‘Americans’ at the time were British too, so maybe it was not so much a war of independence, rather a rebellion. Anyway, you won. And now you have got Trump as a penance…
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Yeah, the British were not all that bad. As a Canuck, being ruled by Britain worked out pretty darn good for us. We got a lot of United Empire Loyalist refugees fleeing America. That helped tremendously in the short run. In the long run, we slowly won our independence…and we didn’t have to fire a single damn shot to get it!!!

      Within the historical context of the day, I wouldn’t consider most of these rights & privileges huge deprivations. Certainly not worth killing & dying for. However, if at any time British American colonists wanted these rights & privileges, all they had to do was move back to Britain! Unless I’m mistaken, they were all still officially British subjects. Merely setting foot back in Britain gained you everything you were complaining about not having in the far-off, violent, frontier-backwater of America. (To be clear, that’s the “far off, violent, frontier-backwater” of 1700’s America, as opposed to the 2018 version of the same)

    1. I have just been sent this by an American..lives in N.Y. ( I think) young & very fiesty! 🙂
      Jewish Dominance Of America – Facts Are Facts . The USA in 1999 is under that same degree of Jewish domination that Weimar Germany was under in 1929. . http://www.rense.com/general59/sdom.htm

      1. Game is over chuq…I have sent you the relevant tweets….a bleak day to be sure when your government has been taken over…Gilad’s trial next & I suspect the books have been cooked.Way more censorship on the way.Knowing him, he will fight all the way.

      2. I did my best to warn people,so too others….but the people appear to be deaf & blind.
        Oh, by the by, I do not buy into global warming…all charts indicate that we are cooling.Critical think has done a lot of research….along with many others. Tis not a good day chuq. I thought Corbyn might hold out. Sad. Any voting now is a complete waste of time with all parties. I wash my hands of it all.

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