Aliens, Bigfoot, Illuminati–Oh My

Some of brethren seem to prefer to chase conspiracies and fairy tales…..and I ask to what end?  DO most Americans care if our original ancestors were here in a space ship?  Will that prove exactly what?

A while back I wrote a post on the Illuminati and I have been getting Spam ever since telling me how my life will change bu embracing the Illuminati……the BS spread kinda sounds like the crap from those Scientology freaks…..

There is TV show after TV show about some of these “challenges” to our world….aliens, Bigfoot and the Illuminati….if you listen to these people then our world is nothing but a petrie dish of “Fringe Science”……we are nothing other than an experiment by other worlders…..

Our world these days is full of conspiracy theories about this or that…..but ask yourself….do these conspiracies hold up?

I am of the view that incompetence, random error and sheer complexity explain most of the mistakes and strange events in our world, and that we shouldn’t readily jump to conspiracy theories. I’m pretty sure Neil Armstrong did walk on the moon, and still inclined to think (although not certain) that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, there is no Bigfoot and aliens have not recently visited humans on Earth.

This exercise is not merely to pile up arguments for what you believe, but also to consider how and where you might be wrong. I recently raised this question with a few friends: Which is the most underrated conspiracy theory? Even if you think conspiracy hypotheses are all likely to be false, which one is most plausible — at least relative to the probabilities assigned by the intellectual and media mainstream.

I begin my Saturday and my couple of days of rest from the silliness we call politics here in the US.

Hope you guys enjoy your weekend……..chuq


37 thoughts on “Aliens, Bigfoot, Illuminati–Oh My

  1. I enjoy a good conspiracy theory, but like to cherry-pick my favourites. Here are my top 5.

    5) Lee Oswald alone? Unlikely, but not impossible. Either way, planned by others.
    4) Men on The Moon? Yet to be completely convinced.
    3) Space-travelling ancestors? I would love that to be true.
    2) Area 51? Maybe that’s where the world is actually controlled from. 🙂
    Drum roll…
    1) 9/11? Not even a theory in my book, but a definite ‘inside job’. My top choice!

    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I watch the “Ancient Aliens” thing to see how they piss up history….I agree with 5 and 1…..2is a little too much but not out of the question….

      Off topic… I have been watching Midsomer Murders….is there a Midsomer? If so those villages are just scary…LOL chuq

      1. No, it is a fictional place, and an idealised version of a typical English village. That programme is something of a running joke here, with so many murders in a tiny place. A bit like an English version of ‘Murder She Wrote’. It is popular with elderly middle class people, as it is inoffensive, and easy to watch.
        To be honest, I can’t stand it! 🙂

      2. Not at all. That’s just the audience profile here. It is supposed to be ‘lighthearted’, which is strange when you think it is all about murder. Not unlike the softer Agatha Christie mysteries.

      3. Homeland is good but gets a bit too iffy in spots…never watch the other……regular TV is full of crap and useless film….chuq

      4. Midsomer Murders is great. Been on for forever. My favourite pairing was Barnaby & Jones…Barnaby Jones for you Quin Martin fans! (Or pre-Archer Archer fans) Sad to see the little dog passed.

        That “Death In Paradise” show is also on many PBS stations. Like Midsomer, it’s a nice, relaxing, entertaining, show. (Contains a little more humour.) For some reason, a lot of cast turnover. They’re on their 3rd lead detective already now. Probably a case of 2 pasty Brits contracting skin cancer after some Caribbean sun.

    2. 5) I’m pretty sure Oswald had something to do with it, if not as the primary shooter (How he got that good, that fast, is still REALLY hard to buy.) I’m 90% sure he had pre-game help, probably even on-site help/backup that day, even if they didn’t fire. I’m also 99% sure he was a double agent and/or CIA agent gone rogue. But I’m 100% sure the CIA have & continue to lie about…everything and have used this as a psy-op. Either way, the official version has now been proven to be a cover-up from literally Day 1. The History TV show “Hunting Oswald” has done a much better job than the Warren Commission ever did. Every aspect of this thing is sketchy, at best. Proof that lying to the public is the default position.

      4) Even though it was completely fake-able at the time, 95% chance it happened as told. What’s really curious is the original (MUCH higher quality) tape from the receiving satellite station in Australia “disappeared”. Possibly the single best argument for a conspiracy. Not sure what of, though. Something it showed?

      3) Simple math dictates Aliens exist somewhere. There are only 2 questions “Can they get here?” and “Why the fuck would they want to visit this shithole?” We better hope to fuck they don’t get here. Because if they do, we’re toast! (Slaves, pets, meat…or target practice) As Hawking (I think) said, “We really should stop telling them we’re here.”

      2) Despite many decades of denial the property itself even existed, Area 51 is 100% real. Officially, it was for experimental aircraft. That’s probably true. Unofficially, I’m sure all manor of shady shit went/goes on there that they won’t declassify for 200 years. Mad Scientist shit. For some reason, it’s still guarded like Fort Knox. (Jesse The Body had some fun with them on his show, Conspiracy Theory.)

      1) 9/11 absolutely involved a conspiracy (minimum 16-18 Saudis) and it’s certainly been covered up (See: Blacked out documents). It’s just a case of “How wide?” ie the amount of Saudi & domestic government involvement/knowledge. Could be as simple as 2 NSA guys looking the other way because they thought -just like the last attempt- it would fail and their budgets would soar as a result. Certainly, there was NO lack of “being asleep at the wheel.”

      This one has a lot of Dr They type “diversionary conspiracies” to obscure the actual truth. The tactic worked well with Oswald and they’ve perfected it since then. Our great grandchildren won’t live to see the whole truth.

  2. Bigfoot lives in the Everglades. Satan is terrified of Hillary Clinton. Lotta nonsense about Masons out there. Been one for 44 years. The most diabolical matter in which we ever engaged was the passionate and earth shaking debate over if the new carpet should be cream white or cobalt blue and if the new wall paneling should be cherry or walnut. Also, God is Presbyterian and a Yankees fan.

      1. spoon in religion/politics/fairy cakes/disney/history/pop culture.hollywood/bollywood…need I go on..people are easily conditioned,starts at birth….unlearning is the biggest challenge.Critical thinking died a death.
        “To-day we live so cowed under the bombardment of this intellectual artillery(the media) that hardly anyone can attain to the inward detachment that is required for a clear view of the monstrous drama. The will-to-power operating under a pure democratic disguise has finished off its masterpiece so well that the object’s sense of freedom is actually flattered by the most thorough-going enslavement that has ever existed”
        ― Oswald Spengler, The Decline of the West,
        Hi chuq…cya around. 😉

  3. My favorite conspiracy theories are the ones put forth by grand juries and district attorneys about conspiracies to defraud, conspiracies to commit murder, conspiracies traffic humans and narcotics, conspiracies to obstruct justice, and so on. So many crazy conspiracy theories, and the judges just lap it all up. As if real human beings would ever gather in secret to plot misdeeds like mustache-twirling villains from a film!!

  4. From the link…

    “It’s possible that the fixing of major sporting events might still be going on, and perhaps has been going on for a long time. If Volkswagen AG will doctor its emissions software, or Wells Fargo & Co. will create millions of phony accounts for profit, is it so implausible that a few major athletes — or better yet referees — throw games or at least influence the point spread, either for money or to neuter mob threats to their families?….We’re learning all the time that insider trading and financial corruption are quite widespread.

    This is the modern context. You don’t have to scratch the surface hard to find a REAL conspiracy these days. Corporations are almost non-stop deception & conspiracy machines. (See: Panama papers, etc etc etc) More & more have espionage departments. More & more use invasive, mass, spying as their entire profit-model. Nothing is “beyond the pail” in the quest for profit. Nothing.

    The bottom line is that you just can’t be “too paranoid” anymore. What may seem “ludicrous” today, might be “accepted fact” a few years from now. For example, in the early 90’s, only “mentally ill, tinfoil-hat wearing nut-jobs” thought:

    – The government was working on a program to listen in on phone calls, driftnet-fishing for “keywords”. More or less true then. And today, it’s a laughably naive & underestimated conspiracy. Shit, it’s semi-official policy.

    – Hitler’s body wasn’t Hitler’s body. DNA proved a few years ago that “Hitler’s body” was a woman.

    – Big Tobacco knew of all the health damage caused by their evil, highly addictive, products for decades. Today, they’re paying for prime-time ads admitting they knew filters etc did nothing & that they played with the chemical make-up to make them more addictive.

    – The CIA was sending guns to Nicaraguan terrorists and flying Escobar’s cocaine back, most of which wound up in black communities. Ask crack billionaire “Freeway” Rick Ross. Even the CIA itself, admits it happened. “Unsanctioned”, of course.

    The only question anymore is “Is this specific conspiracy theory’s details right?”. The inherent problem with sousing out a conspiracy theory is simple…the key to a conspiracy is keeping the public from knowing about it. But today, that’s easier than ever. We’re awash in complete bullshit masquerading as truth. At the same time, a horrible truth that should destroy governments/corporations and gets reported but is met with crickets.

    You’re trying to get me to post the Dr They scene against, aren’t you?

      1. Because lawyers rule the world. (Quite literally. The #1 occupation in your average legislature is “lawyer”.) You can also sue for getting heart attacks on “scary thrill rides”, or burning your hand with hot coffee etc.

        Too bad a person can’t sue the education system (or media) for their being stupid. If you could, we’d probably all be Einsteins.

  5. Hey “dad” you can watch Death In Paradise Sunday nights on PBS. Your daughter and I watch it on occasion.
    On Conspiracy nonsense, my favorite of recent is when Charlie Daniels warned Taco Bell not to mess with the Illuminati. Can’t make that stupid shit up. He filmed a warning on NRA tv I think.

    1. Thanx for that but I have BritBox so I can watch it anytime……Daniels has been a tin foil hat person ever since he bought that new cowboy hat which by the way is lined with foil I hear….chuq

      1. I need one of those!

        If tinfoil wasn’t so damn expense now, it would be my wallpaper and window blinds….which reminds me of another “crazy conspiracy” from the 90’s come true, that The Man can use heat sensing cameras/satellites to see you inside of buildings.

        By the way, Taco Bell’s conspiracy is..what’s in the so-called “meat” and how that can continue to be sold to people as “meat”.

  6. They where doing public illuminati parties every Saturday in NYC all summer and 30 people every Saturday got invited to a private initation after party. There’s all kinds of websites and numbers now advertising to join the illuminati. It was all a big CONSPIRACY when I started researching it 13 years ago, now it’s embrace. Hell look at Taco Bell lol, it really isnt a joke. It is, but it’s on us. Ever notice the tint on money now adays is the same color as Monopoly money. They are mocking and laughing at us at this point.

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