Rocket Man And The Dotard

Hey Stormy is NO longer front page news… we have the impromptu meeting between Li’l Kim and Trumpy……and as usual the speculation is running rampant……so I thought I would add a little to the conversation…..

Op-ed from the Lowy Institute……..

If the North Korean cheerleaders at the Olympics hadn’t snared enough global attention already, the prospect of a grip-and-grin meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un sure has captured headlines.

It seems, to borrow the military phrase, a sudden escalation in peaceful possibilities. Last year Trump was hurling “Rocket Man” and fire and fury tweets across the Pacific, while the North Korean regime fired back at the “dotard” in the White House, and the whole situation was worryingly tense. Malcolm Turnbull warned about prospect of invoking the ANZUS alliance should conflict errupt, and Trump was bragging about the size of his nuclear button.

The insults are silent……and the world will hold its breath praying for some sanity by the two leaders.

Let’s hope that this is more than a photo op…..let’s hope that these two realize the seriousness of this opportunity and they make the most out of the tie they have…..

The date of this meeting is said to be in “May”…..whatcha think….yes/no?

13 thoughts on “Rocket Man And The Dotard

  1. let’s hope that these two realize the seriousness of this opportunity and they make t

    Pretty obvious that Trump is very serious indeed and Rocketman knows it. Heard a clip from that Trump liar/hater witch Rachael Maddow ridiculing the effort. If Rocketman relinquished everything and God came down to give Trump a peace laurel she would call for Trump’s impeachment for colluding with extra terrestrial beings.

    1. I do not trust an about face such as this…..then there is FOX that would give him a Nobel for taking a crap…..all the MSM is just speculation from all sides….chuq

  2. I would like to think of it as progress, but I somehow feel that both men will be looking for reasons why they cannot agree on anything. One time I will be pleased to be proved wrong though.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. I would like to see Kim offer his entire country to South Korea for governing so that his starving people could share in the good life. Then I would like to see South Korea give Kim enough money to live in luxury the rest of his life as he willingly leaves the country to find somewhere else to live. But what I think I will be seeing is a bunch of Lib-headed Media talking heads trying to make some kind of “Trump/North Korean collusion out of the whole thing.

      1. Only cushy jobs are the ones in the cabinet with benefits like $100,000 doors, $30,000 dining suits, first class airfare, and so on….chuq

      2. Mueller is already rich but — Robert Mueller is a govt employee, as Special Counsel. He works under DoJ and his salary is likely between $200K and $250K tops (best guess)

        He did not take on the case for money. And he has earned quite a bit of money in the private sector and private practice before coming on board as Special Counsel

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