Step Right Up!

Let the meddling begin.

It is a prove fact the the Russian meddled in our 2016 election…..I do not care at this point who won the goddamn thing only that a foreign entity was brazen and emboldened enough to actually get into our process and fuck around.

Now that we know that these pricks did what they did it is time for the US and its intel agencies to find a way to stop this from ever happening again…..right?

Boy would you be wrong in that thinking……

The New York Times is out with an attention-grabbing statistic related to the government’s effort to fight Russian interference in US elections: The State Department has been allocated $120 million to counter foreign meddling but has not spent a single dollar of that sum. The story chalks it up in part to President Trump’s unwillingness to confront Moscow on the issue, as well as Rex Tillerson’s apparent skepticism that the money would do any good. “If it’s their intention to interfere, they’re going to find ways to do that,” Tillerson told Fox News last month. One tangible result of the ambivalence: None of the 23 analysts working in the department’s Global Engagement Center, whose job it is to deter Moscow’s propaganda, speaks Russian.

“There are now thousands of former Russian journalists who have been exiled or fired who are doing counter-Russian stuff in exile who could help,” says Richard Stengel, who had oversight of the center under former President Obama. Congress directed the Pentagon in late 2016 to make $60 million available for the State Department’s efforts, but Tillerson did not act in time to use it. Another $60 million was allotted for the following fiscal year, and after five months of deliberation, Tillerson has requested $40 million of that. The department should get the money around April. Meanwhile, a poll by Axios finds that most Americans don’t think the Trump administration will stop foreign interference in the 2018 midterms.


What part of the attack on our process warrants NO money being spent to see that it never happens again?

How much more will Congress accept?  How much more leeway will Russia be given by this Congress and this president?

Maybe Tillerson is going to use that money to re-decorate his office and build a new “safe room” when the president yells at him.

This president is pathetic…..this Congress is pathetic…….This State Department is beyond pathetic and feeble.

Maybe it is time to make cyber-security a priority……or not……or is this just more about the soft spot that Trump has for his Russian buddies?


9 thoughts on “Step Right Up!

  1. More is coming out on how paralyzed was Obama and team to react. But why is it such a shock ? We did best to get Yeltsin and Gorbachev in place and remember that US military contingent in 1918-19 at Archangel (Murmansk) during Russian Civil War.

    1. Obama screwed up….but I think they were afraid that they would be accused of trying to influence….we have been messing with others for years…..Iran, Guatemala, Chile….our messing usually kills people. chuq

    2. Hey, there’s an “out” for Trump. Blame Obama’s inaction. “He did nothing, but I’m a man of action.” Emphasize, “preventing the next attack” and he can achieve something without bringing up the topic he doesn’t want to. “I’m not colluuuuding. See? I’m doing something! Not like Obama!”

  2. As I understand it a couple intel chiefs are again trying to raise public awareness that things need to be done at some event today… not sure if it’s Congress or a press gaggle. These guys are trying, for sure.

    1. Sad that they can only do so much without a directive from the prez and so far he is protecting Russia….at least it seems so….chuq

  3. I think Carl is on the right track. The US has been fiddling in the elections in other countries ever since WW1. They just don’t like it coming the other way.
    And I also doubt that anyone would have cared, if Clinton had won…
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. The very least they could do is take some Teamsters down to Loserbook, iDiotgram, The Twit Zone and all those other Interweb sites’ HQ and do some real damage. They ALL KNEW what was going on, but kept quiet and cashed the Bitcoins and the cheques written in Rubles. These motherfuckers need to be charged for collusion!

    Unless I’m missing some details…Without that web-trolling/bot shit, the only way the Russians could have significantly interfered was hacking Hillary’s & the DNC email…and direct hack attacks on ballot centres…(something I’ve heard little about and wish I knew more.)

    1. I do not know if they influenced anything but they were in the system frutsing around,,,,there are more votes to come…gonna get sloopy soon….chuq

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