Niger Update

Back  in October of 2017 4 US Special Ops troopers died in the West African country of Niger….

There has been much confusion on what happened to the operation that cost 4 Americans their lives…..I have been asking for an explanation for my readers to no avail…..however a news story has been released….

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Saturday that the Pentagon investigation of the Niger ambush in which four U.S. troops were killed is close to being wrapped up, but that was before The New York Times published a detailed and damning report based partly on a video of the firefight.

On his plane back to the U.S. following a week-long trip to Europe, Mattis told reporters traveling with him that Marine Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, the AfriCom commander, has an unspecified timeline for completing his review of the draft of the Article 15-6 fact-finding investigation.

Now there is still the death of an American Green Beret in Mali that needs to be explained because 2 Navy SEALs have been accused of killing the Green Beret.

I realize that it is not a pretty picture of the heroes of “Zero Dark Thirty” but the American people have a right to know that our special ops in Africa is in disarray….and that disarray could get more Americans killed.


5 thoughts on “Niger Update

  1. I suspect that it might be a very long time before the real truth behind such incidents is revealed. I am still expecting someone to admit that Bin Laden was never actually killed…
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. The real truth is absolutely the last thing you’ll ever see about anything anymore.

      And thanks to the Web-pipes and the post-fact era it created, the real truth is whatever “info-consumers” choose to believe it is.

      In 2018, even gravity is just an opinion.

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