If America Was Not America

AS my reader would guess I do a lot of reading (and none of it fiction…well that is a lie.  Most anything positive about Trump could be labeled as fiction) I read some things that make sense and some is not so much…..

I wrote an article many years ago about parts of the US were no better than some poverty ridden Third World country…..boy did I catch Hell after that article.  But as I explained…..travel to the Delta of Mississippi and tell me that it is not something out of a 3rd world documentary.

I thought of that ancient article after something I read just a week ago….something on the site….theantimedia.org…….

On January 8, 2018, former government advisor Edward Luttwak wrote an opinion piece for Foreign Policy titled “It’s Time to Bomb North Korea.”

Luttwak’s thesis is relatively straightforward. There is a government out there that may very soon acquire nuclear-weapons capabilities, and this country cannot be trusted to responsibly handle such a stockpile. The responsibility to protect the world from a rogue nation cannot be argued with, and we understandably have a duty to ensure the future of humanity.

However, there is one rogue nation that continues to hold the world ransom with its nuclear weapons supply. It is decimating non-compliant states left, right, and center. This country must be stopped dead in its tracks before anyone turns to the issue of North Korea.


IT is a fascinating look at the US ……a view that too many refuse to see and then cannot understand why some do not trust or even like us.

5 thoughts on “If America Was Not America

  1. Yeah, and that story leaves out FAR, FAR, FAR more than it includes. (ie coups like Chile, dirty wars in Central Americas, drones, medical/mind control experiments that “leave a Nazi aftertaste”) And that’s just the stuff we know about! Yet even after the above WW2 stuff, you can still claim WW2 was “America at it’s finest.” Because every after that, America becomes an increasingly “rogue state”. For example, in Trump’s 1st year, US drones killed more motherfuckers than Obama, who killed more motherfuckers than Bush.

    For me, the false facade of America started crumbling during Iran-Contra. (Short & overly simplistic version for the kiddies accidentally reading this instead of some celebrity gossip.) Uncle Ronnie & his crew broke several laws (and his own government policies) to secretly sell weapons to arch-enemy Iran as a way to get them to encourage their friends to release Middle Eastern hostages. The profits (not put into their own pockets) were then sent to fund terrorists in Nicaragua, so they could continue killing villagers. Ronnie’s crew also flew in shipments of weapons and loaded the planes full of crack to sell on America’s inner city streets.

    “The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today is my own government” – Martin Luther King

      1. Yeah, talking about civil rights and racism was “bad enough”, but tolerable. But when King started emphasizing poverty and came out against MISC Industries’ war in Vietnam, that was intolerable. That was wholesale change he was now calling for.

        With the CBC radio’s Massey Lecture series he gave in Dec 1967, he pretty much signed his own death warrant. He said the above quote, clarified & increased his anti-war stand, talked about poverty, uniting all anti-establishment groups and said (loose-quote) “the ends don’t justify the means..the ends ARE the means.”

        “Time to find another Lone Gunman!”

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