Pentagon’s Drug Of Choice

Speaking of an addiction……

Our Fearless Leader has declared war on opiates….declared war but has done little to nothing to actually fix the problem other than putting “lying Eyes” Conway in charge.

We have the budget process distracting everyone from important stuff……

The Pentagon has another addiction other than opiates… is CASH!

Donald Trump has, it seems, finally offered his plan for dealing with the opioid crisis in America. He did so during his State of the Union address to Congress, filled with Republican applause (none louder than The Donald’s), introducing the country to an Albuquerque policeman who had decided to adopt the future baby – now named “Hope” – of a homeless, pregnant heroin addict he found preparing to shoot up behind a convenience store. Previously, the president had directed the Department of Health and Human Services to declare the opioid epidemic to be a “national emergency.” He didn’t, however, come up with an extra cent of federal money to make it so. As a result, his response to the present national crisis of addiction turns out to be a nod of approval to the possibility of police officers adopting the babies of opioid addicts.

And that’s the closest his administration has come to forward thinking on the issue of drug wars in his first year in office. The president has, in fact, been a major enabler of what may be the leading addiction crisis in America. I’m thinking about the Pentagon and its drug of choice: money. At a time when, from infrastructure to health care, money is desperately needed and seldom found, only the Pentagon is still mainlining dollars as if there were no tomorrow. It’s shooting up in full view of the world and Donald Trump is aiding and abetting the process, eternally calling for yet more money to pump up that military (as well as the U.S. nuclear arsenal).


Never fear 2018 will be more than previous years…

The new Congressional budget boosts military spending in a big way. Last night’s PBS News report documented how military spending is projected to increase by $160 billion over two years, but that doesn’t include “overseas contingency funding” for wars, which is another $160 billion over two years. Meanwhile, spending for the opioid crisis, which is killing roughly 60,000 Americans a year (more Americans than were killed in the Vietnam War), is set at a paltry $6 billion ($25 billion was requested).

One thing is certain: Ike was right about the undue influence of the military-industrial-Congressional complex.

The military talks about needing all these scores of billions to “rebuild.” And, sure, there are ships that need to be refitted, planes in need of repairs, equipment that needs to be restocked, and veterans who need to be cared for. But a massive increase in military and war spending, perhaps as high as $320 billion over two years, is a recipe for excessive waste and even more disastrous military adventurism.

Even if you’re a supporter of big military budgets, this massive boost in military spending is bad news. Why? It doesn’t force the military to think. To set priorities. To define limits. To be creative.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the expression, “Spending money like drunken sailors on shore leave.” Our military has been drunk with money since 9/11. Is it really wise to give those “sailors” an enormous boost in the loose change they’re carrying, trusting them to spend it wisely?


8 thoughts on “Pentagon’s Drug Of Choice

  1. Ike was bang on!

    Completely unchecked, MISC Industries (Military Industrial Spy Complex) now absolutely RULES Washington. As Ike said, they steal food out of the mouths of children and, in this case, treatment from junkies…who are mostly just victims of Big Pharma’s INTENTIONAL plan to hook them.

    As for Russia’s now laughable distant 3rd place…who needs military spending when a couple hundred hackers & trolls can sabotage your imbecilic, tech-addicted, enemy and make them all your bitches?

      1. And not ONE finger has been lifted to stop it from occurring again!!! I’m sure the more literal election hacking (computers handling ballots) was waaaaayyy worse than we’ll EVER be told. (See: still classified JFK files) Thank goodness Canuckistan uses hand counted, paper ballots, exclusively. I’ve said this for 20+ years..but the lower the tech, the more secure it is & vice-versa. I’m as analogue as I can get.

        But why no response of any kind? Yes, Republicans stand to gain. But also because Zuckerhead and all his vile “social media” (note: contemptuous use of italics & quotes) ilk WANT it that way. This kind of manipulative activity (“Brain-hacking”) is a major part of their business model. They don’t care if anything on their servers is real, or even highly dangerous. As long as it draws eyeballs, exposes them to targeted ads, and increases emotional responses….it’s all good. Emotionally charged humans are good for the customers buying their feeble minds from Loserbook. Stupid & emotional is “good for business”.

        This is how it all starts unravelling.

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