Macedonia is not necessarily Macedonia.

Ever heard of Philip of Macedonia?

Of course you have….he was the father of Alexander the Great……

No history lesson this time….however a geography lesson is called for…..

There is a debate and an argument going on these days in the region….there is a Macedonia that came into being after the collapse of Yugoslavia and a state within Greece that is called Macedonia…..the dispute is just who gets to claim the name of Macedonia…..

Greece and neighboring Macedonia have been at loggerheads for more than a quarter-century over an issue at the heart of the newer nation’s existence and identity: its name.

The term “Macedonia” is a source of such nationalist fervor on both sides that the dispute has left the Balkan country without a universally recognized name and unable to join international institutions such as NATO.

The country emerged from the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991, and was recognized by the United Nations in 1993 under the provisional name Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. International institutions still use that officially, although more than 130 countries simply refer to Macedonia.

This might seem like a minor dispute to most Americans but in reality it is a major source of contention in the Balkans….

More than 100,000 protesters from across Greece converged on Athens’ main square on Sunday to protest a potential Greek compromise in a dispute with neighbouring Macedonia over the former Yugoslav republic’s official name.

The dispute broke out after Macedonia gained independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. Greece argues use of the name implies territorial claims on its own province of Macedonia, once home of Alexander the Great.

Hundreds of buses brought protesters in from around the country, while more people arrived on ferries from the islands. Chanting “Hands off Macedonia!” and “Macedonia belongs to Greece!” the protesters converged on Syntagma Square, in front of the Greek parliament

What’s in a name?

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