Closing Thought–16Jan18

I am not what most would call a sports addict….I like some sports but not to the point of abandoning everything else….but with that said….I have been a New Orleans Saints fan for 40+ years and when they make the playoffs it is time for me to watch them…..once a Saints fan…always a fan…..

This past season  they made the playoffs first they had to beat arch rival Carolina Panthers in a wild card game…. and then had to take on the Minnesota Vikings……

It’s a play Minnesota Vikings fans won’t soon forget—nor Marcus Williams of the New Orleans Saints. The Vikings won the NFL’s divisional playoff game 29-24 over the Saints on Sunday in the last 10 seconds, with Stefon Diggs scoring a jaw-dropping 61-yard touchdown that sent the Vikings to the NFC championship. Williams, the Saints’ 21-year-old rookie safety, had likely been told not to commit pass interference and risk a flag, a source tells NBC Sports, and so Williams dived to try to keep Diggs inside the line and keep the clock running. But it looks like Williams went too early and missed his mark, taking out one of his own teammates and giving Diggs a free lane to the end zone—effectively ending the Saints’ season.

The Times-Picayune noted a “red-eyed” Williams faced reporters afterward, his teammates by his side to say their loss could’ve happened in one of many ways. NBC notes the whole fiasco may have been the fault of the Saints’ defensive coordinator for a bad play setup, and the New Orleans Advocate points out Williams had a game-altering interception earlier on. But what’s impressing most is Williams’ resiliency and determination. He noted at the presser he’d “do all that I can to never let that happen again,” and tweeted on Monday that, “No the season didn’t end as planned but one thing for sure I won’t let one play define the type of MAN or PLAYER that I am or will be!

My season is over…..better luck next season…..

See you guys tomorrow…..chuq


4 thoughts on “Closing Thought–16Jan18

  1. I’ve always been a Patriots fan, but the last few seconds of that Vikings game – Whoa! It’ll be a long time before anyone beats that!!!!
    To be honest, IMO, Sunday had the best two games of the season – really fun to watch!

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