Closing Thought–17Jan18

One of the most important and controversial issues for the last decade probably longer has been that of health care…..of course the last election was a godsend for the GOP and its mission to screw the American public out of inexpensive healthcare….remember the slogan “Repeal and Replace”?

All the bad blood over Obamacare has hit rural America hard…..

The goal of universal coverage has long eluded the Affordable Care Act — especially in rural areas. Because insurers have less financial incentive to offer plans in less densely populated places, residents have an especially hard time finding health coverage through the ACA exchanges.

The dire state of rural health access was driven home for me recently when I went looking for health coverage. After returning from several months out of the country, my husband and I signed up on and put in his family’s address in Caroline County, a rural area outside Richmond, Virginia. While we expected to find few options, especially compared to our previous address in Northern Virginia, we were both shocked by the results. Our search turned up just two insurers and eight plans. All of them included a deductible and charged exorbitant rates for two people in their thirties.

For me Medicare For All is the only answer to affordable healthcare for this nation….but that is too easy….the GOP has to make it out like it is rocket science to get healthcare for all Americans….

One day the country will wake up to the need for healthcare and then tell the GOP to go pound sand… what is need and do what is easy….Medicare For All.

TTFN……I shall return tomorrow with more amazing stuff…….chuq


4 thoughts on “Closing Thought–17Jan18

  1. I keep noting that the Republican plan should be called “Soylent Green”. Of course, they skip the music and video because they don’t waste money on euthanizing the “useless” poor and needy. They just let them freeze to death in their hovels or on the street.

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