OOPS! Sorry About That

The  weekend and just a little excitement…..it seems that war games was being played in Hawaii….missiles away!

A tourist in Waikiki tells Hawaii News Now it was “the biggest fright of my life.” On Saturday, residents and visitors in Hawaii got an emergency alert on their phones reading, in all caps, “Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill.” The AP reports the result was panic on the ground and on social media. Businesses opened their doors to people seeking shelter. A video posted online shows a person putting children into a storm drain to protect them. And KPRC anchor Sara Donchey tweets that her family texted her their love while they hid in their garage.

Officials confirmed the alert was a false alarm 15 minutes later, but CNN reports a second emergency alert letting people know no missile was on its way wasn’t sent for nearly 40 minutes. Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii says “it was a false alarm based on a human error.” And Hawaiian Gov. David Ige says someone “pushed the wrong button” while employees were changing shifts. Investigations are underway to find out exactly what happened and to prevent it in the future. “Everyone in America needs to understand what the people of Hawaii just went through because they would be angry—like I am—that we have known about this threat continuing to build for years, but the leaders in this country have failed us,” Hawaii News Now quotes Rep. Tulsi Gabbard as saying.

As you can imagine this was/is big news……some poor dude//dudette was tired and pushed the wrong button…..and the country lost its collective mind.

Since there was no mushroom cloud and Hawaii is still there with its lovely beaches and overpriced drinks….there is nothing to worry about…….but after all the war mongering rhetoric for the last couple of months I can understand the panic……

Enjoy the rest of your day…..TTFN  chuq


10 thoughts on “OOPS! Sorry About That

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Just imagine … ‘Since there was no mushroom cloud and Hawaii is still there with its lovely beaches and overpriced drinks … there is nothing to worry about … but after all the war mongering rhetoric for the last couple of months I can understand the panic … ‘
    Ya think??

  2. Rather like “Fail Safe” when President Henry Fonda is talking to the US Ambassador to the Soviet Union in Moscow and they are waiting for the high shrill whine when the phone gets vaporized.. then they know. Or in “War Games” when they are waiting to see through the fake incoming missiles initiated by WOPR and on the phone the airman from Loring AFB proclaims he is still alive.

    Colonel, this is Loring Air Force Base.|The senior controller isn’t here right now.

    That’s all right. Who are you?

    Sir, this is Airman Dougherty, sir.

    This is General Beringer at NORAD.

    Our current situation…

    Men, we’re currently tracking

    approximately 2,400 inbound|Soviet warheads.

    But at the moment|we cannot confirm this.

    I repeat, we cannot confirm this.

    30 seconds to impact.

    We’re right there with you guys.|We’ve taken all the steps we can.

    Stand by to launch missiles|at my command.

    Stay on this channel as long as you can.

    We’ll be standing by.

    20 seconds to impact.

    Ten… nine…

    eight… seven…






    one… Impact.

    This is Crystal Palace. Are you still on?

    This is Crystal Palace.|Are you still on? Anyone there?

    That’s affirmative, sir.

    Yeah! We’re here!

    – Jesus H Christ! We’re still here!|- Our boards are showing impact.

    No, sir. No impact. We’re alive and well.

    All right!

      1. Unfortunately I read a book about Hawaiian history, and in some chapters there where huge tsunamis mentioned that hit the islands in former times. After that I sometimes stood at the large windows of my hotel apartment at the 33th floor pondering if a tsunami would ever reach so high or tear down the whole building. 😉

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